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July - 11 - 2015 biometric-attendance-software

A solution naturally comprises of software integrated with hardware. Hardware/software integration is one of the key factors that allow products to hit the market. TimeCheck is a web based time tracking software with robust features to track employee attendance. It is designed in such a way that, software developers can swiftly integrate with most Biometric and Smartcard terminals-no matter what device has been chosen.

Terminal Configuration Management

Software that integrates with any hardware is something of great challenge. The level of Timecheck software integration with that of Biometric, Face recognition and Smartcard device is fantastic. TimeCheck’s configuration ability to fit your organizations business rules such as Configurable data collection mechanism from various databases, an option for processing real-time data from terminals across the organization including remote locations. You can configure the Biometric and Smartcard devices with related information and map it with entrances and punch types in much easy way.

Software integrated with hardware is tested on the target environment to ensure that the software is compatible with hardware. This integrated solution from TimeCheck improves business productivity and also ensures on-time payment of salaries, when integrated with payroll software. We can customize the software and assist you in meeting the entire needs of your business in a unique manner. For more details contact us or visit our website.

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