Streamline production scheduling with exclusive attendance management solution

With ever-increasing numbers of employees, Organizations find managing employee attendance becoming a challenging task. Many organizations find a great deal of time and company resources getting wasted in verifying & processing biometric data – checking employee in or out of offices, shift scheduling efficiency, shift rostering, overtime handling, on duty tracking, and so on in production unit. Simple & efficient attendance management software applications indeed made the attendance systems efficient by contributing to production scheduling.

By embracing latest time tracking software department heads can view real-time dashboards on their smartphones. Customized module in the automated attendance management software allows user to easily & efficiently manage shift swaps, multiple shifts, do real-time monitoring, centralize attendance management of multiple locations, schedule e-mail reports, generate custom reports and much more that leads to save time & cost of the organizations.

Adaptability, Customization, Scalability & flexibility to integrate with any third party software makes it compatible to your organization rules & regulations. An ideal time and attendance system will allow managers to streamline and think ahead so that your company productivity doesn’t suffer. Inferences drawn from the software will enable you to mitigate expensive errors and produce reports of various types.

To learn more about storing attendance records digitally & to get insights on the work hours detail of your employees contact us. We will accommodate all your requirements in quick turnaround time and to higher levels of satisfaction.

Manage Business challenges even with Flexi hours

We see Flexi hours trending as it creates a win-win situation for both employee and employer. Certain sector employees request flexible working arrangements to maintain a work/life balance as It gives them a sense of freedom/independence. Organizations that follow flexi hours is said to build a name for itself as being friendly and flexible among job seekers. Besides employers also can improve their productivity by extending their service hours and have staffs to support clients at all times.

By installing automated time & attendance monitoring software you can record employees exact shift in and shift out times, have greater control about who’s in or out even when flexi-hours is allowed. This user friendly attendance management software system with its real-time recording features reduces the work involved in recording employee attendance and offers many intuitive features for supervisors to manage swift swaps & get any insight data that are vital for making critical decisions.

Benefits of Time & Attendance Software System Installation

  • Accurately track time and avoid discrepancies
  • Prevent unauthorized access to workplace
  • Centralized administrative feature for ease
  • Reduce Payroll cost by avoiding time theft
  • Efficiently manage hourly paid labours
  • Track employee’s multiple breaks

Organization that has any working schedule that is outside of a normal working pattern or has variables such as their place of work or time of day when they are required to work can install this TimeCheck web based software that complies with complex leave polices and company rules.

To assign multiple shifts and increase employee productivity you can install TimeCheck software that facilitates to set flexible shift timings either for the whole company or for an Individual employee. Interested to know more about time and attendance data calculated based on flexi shift timings then contact us