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Time Keeping Solution for Steel Manufacturing Industry

Time Keeping Solution for Steel Manufacturing Industry

Client is a reliable stainless steel manufacturing company having modernized manufacturing facilities & following latest techniques to serve the rising need of clients.

Business Requirement

As manual time keeping processes increased admin overheads, Automation of their employee Time & Attendance was their requirement. Especially they preferred to customize our standard application with few specific features to log few of the employee activities which includes consistent late coming, utilizing more break hrs, availing more permissions than the set limit. After they give warnings to those who miss above said compliance, they preferred to have a separate monitoring screen to track all these variants in a single click.

Solution Provided

Time & Attendance tracking solution from Timecheck Software streamlines their companies end-end time keeping process. Now we have provided them our Time Tracking Application with special Watcher Module, wherein Hr/ Mgmt can get time to time status update regarding the Shift time / Break time / Permission compliance of the mapped Employees.

Now, the newly created e- mail scheduler module in the web based time & attendance management system by itself will trigger the static mail template with respective details to the admin / Hr and Management if any particular employee comes late to the shift continuously for the 8th time.


  • Employees after warning notice will be under watcher
  • Dashboard view of specific employee activities data
  • Streamline employee compliance to Attendance timings
  • HR & Management can get automated report for any deviation