Benefits of Attendance Management Software for Employees & Employers

Any business having a team of employees at work, whether in multiple shifts during day or night, or have third-party payroll employees, need a good attendance management software to calculate the wages and salaries due to be paid. Employee attendance tracking software solution will keep a track on employees and their cumulative working hours accurately and helps organisation save cost & improve employee productivity.

By integrating this automated time tracking software with your payroll software you can reduce labour intensive work involved in payroll processing and ensure on time payment of salaries. The attendance software of today is capable of remote tracking of attendance and can integrate with a fingerprint time attendance system. The data gathered from multiple locations in real time can be held in a cloud based platform, which is easily accessible and can be analysed to extract reports, take decisions at a short notice. Shift rostering, on duty & comp-off, yearly leave closure all can be managed effortlessly from anywhere in just a click.

Advantages of Attendance Management Software

  • Accurate & timely salary reports data for payroll.
  • Real-time attendance tracking and instant corrections of discrepancies.
  • Live monitoring for time attendance and centralized management.
  • User-wise processing and multiple shifts management.
  • Instant notifications for approvals and automatic scheduling of reports enabled.

The attendance management system for office or work floor, can double up as an employee self-service portal. Time-off, vacation days and sick leaves, can all be entered and the software can automatically deduct the time off taken. The same goes for overtime too. By documenting time at work correctly, punctuality levels can be checked and will ensure that work and business doesn’t get affected. The attendance management system has modules in-built to help in HR planning and work schedules, to improve efficiency and productivity.

The integrated time-clock and payroll software can easily process salaries and wages due to staff and workers, in a business organisation with multiple divisions. TimeCheck is a versatile time and attendance software also providing remote attendance solution. To know more, contact us or leave us an enquiry.

Best Practices for Effective Time & Attendance Monitoring

Time and attendance monitoring is significant for companies to save the time spent on tedious administrative tasks as well ensure business’s productivity. Effective Time and Attendance monitoring can help you cut your labour costs and boost up your revenue. Listed are few best practices organisation must adopt for effective Employee Time and Attendance process.

Get rid of Manual Time and Attendance System

Manual Time Attendance system is inferior to automated system in many situations. Manual (Paper and excel based) system has lots of disadvantages like slower process, the risk of error, less accessible, hard to handle, lack of real-time data; ultimately, it drives to less productivity. Best practice to overcome these issues are installing a Web Based Time and Attendance Software which is proposed to streamlines your time attendance process and simplify your data access.

Install an Attendance Software and make your process easy

Install an employee time & attendance software system and make your reporting and administration process easy. A best attendance monitoring software will provide reports from terminals across the organization including remote locations. It will be user friendly, highly flexible, easy to manage and above all will comply with your organisation labour regulation acts/policies. By choosing a software with strong reporting capabilities streamline your attendance process and provide error-free reports for payroll processing.

Ensure that software easily integrate with other applications

The best Time and Attendance solution comprises of an application programming interface that facilitates data exchange with other applications; it can support hr managers to handle discrepancies if any, monitor employee attendance against the approved leaves & allocated shifts. Best practice is choosing software that has an option to share and integrate data with other applications.

Data security

It is more important to ensure that the vendor you choose can provide the data security. You must concentrate on things like defining organization level hierarchy like Company, Region, Branch, Department and setting privileges to let authorised user view department wise / employee wise reports.

By following the above discussed best practices you can streamline your organisations Time and Attendance process. Contact us to get a feature-rich Automated Time Attendance software.