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The Client belongs to a service sector. They appoint employees in various sectors, across various locations of the city.

Business Requirement

Client appoints his employees in various sectors like Hotels, Banks, Malls, Hospitals spread across various locations of the city. All they wanted is an attendance tracking system that enables them to monitor the attendance of each individual irrespective of their location.

Solution Offered

Main challenge we happened to face here is, the work locations were unable to install a dedicated biometric attendance tracker device as the employee strength was minimal & lack of internet connections from the organization where the resources are employed. In future, new employee enrolment may also happen and so the solution should cover all these demands.

The solution timecheck provided is Integration of timecheck software with a portable biometric terminal which carries the unit with battery power backup and network connecting utilities.

The initial employee enrolling process is done in the organisation and in the workplace. Later the organization staff can carry the portable biometric device to the respective location (Banks, Malls, Hospitals) and collect their employees attendance for the day in real time.

The data collected is stored within the device temporarily and later it will be moved to the server for record.

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