How to Capture & Manage Field force Time & Attendance

Today’s organization deals with a dynamic workforce Field force, part time workers and work at home consultants. Earlier, with no proper monitoring mechanism available it was a daunting task for HR Managers to capture field force attendance. But now, Time and attendance management software helps you to keep your virtual team working efficiently. This platform helps employers to gain insight data on workforce availability & increase the level of employee engagement.

Do you know, with time and attendance management solutions, Organization can do absence planning and timekeeping efficiently, which can improve about 40% of staff productivity, reduce 36 % in HR effort in time spent for related tasks. Our TimeCheck T&A platform will enable you to gain deep insight into mobile workforce availability. By installing this automated system organizations can significantly reduce the valuable hours spent for manually performing those tasks.

By integration our Timecheck Software with a portable biometric terminal which carries the unit with battery power backup and network connecting utilities, organizations can collect & manage field force employees attendance in real time. The data collected within the device temporarily is moved to the server for insight onto the organization’s key performance indicators including employee attendance, Shift in, Shift out and over time hours and wages.


  • Easily integrates with other applications
  • All information captured in one dashboard
  • Highly configurable – can be tailored quickly
  • Monitor mobile employees via geo location

We have immense experience in assisting diverse companies to automate their employee time & attendance monitoring system for capturing time of their mobile workforces. To get improved visibility on field force employees you can contact us.