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The Right Software for Absence Management with Geo-Location Employee Attendance to Improve Productivity

Absence Management Software

The Right Software for Absence Management with Geo-Location Employee Attendance to Improve Productivity

Absenteeism not only affects the organisation but individual productivity as well. So, employers should look into the root causes that affect or result in this deviation, because if anyone works less they are likely to affect employees’ productivity and the organisation’s too. Reasons could include disengagement, burnout, as well as accommodation or illness. Employees may need time off legitimately for a variety of reasons, like short-tern or long-term illnesses, but unaccountable absence should be identified and resolved.

This is where an effective absence management framework should help to support the employees’ health needs but at the same time offer clear and consistent guidance to avert unauthorised absenteeism or unauthorised use of medical payment schemes. Almost 14% of annual working days of nearly a quarter of the companies are lost from the annual working day, owing to sickness or absences. Therefore, absence management is seen a top priority for businesses and organisations. If they fail to manage absence rates, they fail to control its risks and also tend to neglect employee welfare.

Time and Attendance Software solution caters to absence management

Absence management solutions help keep the cost of absence low and push up productivity. Otherwise, there is likely to be more non-compliance related risks. However, using a software solution integrated with time reporting, scheduling and payroll can significantly reduce errors in managing leave applications and find replacement simply by using the software application for time and attendance.

The unique benefit of using this workforce management software is its ability to eliminate errors and gaps. This is how it helps –

  • Absence communication is shared easily between managers and employees
  • Absence balances can be checked automatically or manually, ensuring employees do not take excess time off, as all types of absence balances are transparently visible at all times.
  • Helps to accurately forecast future balances, to plan leave usage and calculate earned time-off accrual
  • All accrual policies can be automated including proration and carryovers.

Data insights to handle absenteeism and productivity

The online time and attendance software helps to manage absences effectively with the time and attendance management app. One of the most powerful benefits of using the right software is the ability to eradicate errors and communication lapses. It improves employee welfare and insight into behaviour of workforce. With historical data you can see patterns and trends to help in making better plans and decisions regarding absence. A lot of features can be customised or automated and triggered responsively with the employee management software that can be integrated with a mobile app that reduces repeated manual entries and action. Easily incorporate into it regulatory and compliance updates too.

TIMECHECK time and attendance software can be integrated to various existing systems of a client. It is supportive to attendance policy changes that occur at times and helps to optimise productivity by managing efficiently various documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls for employees, at multiple locations or worksites. More info is available on this website. Those interested may also request for a demo run for a limited period.