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Time & Attendance Solution for a Leading Machinery Manufacturer helps to streamline shift management

Employee Time Tracking Software

Time & Attendance Solution for a Leading Machinery Manufacturer helps to streamline shift management

Effective Employee Deployment and Shift Management with Integrated Hardware to ensure a clear Time & Attendance is in place

 The Client

The client who is a specialist manufacturer of Automotive Products was searching for a solution that had to be integrated with their Time & Attendance System that would help productivity at their units in various locations. The client needed a software application and the hardware to record the work hours accurately and manage shifts efficiently on the production line.

Business Requirement

The team sat for a discussion with the client to comprehend their pain-points & requirements regarding the centralized attendance solution that they needed, as they were unable to implement their shift-based attendance rules automatically at different locations. Shift allocation as against attendance follow-ups was very difficult to adhere. Allocation of permission hours was also not in proper control of managers. Work carried on at multiple locations but within short distances needed eSSL hardware to be implemented to track clear worked hours calculation, which is not available in their present hardware application.

Solution Provided

By offering our time and attendance software system, our modules will help to integrate and enable a centralized attendance solution. This will help to cut down the process of the HOD giving details to HR department and the HR team in turn updating the shifts in every week.

The solution is modular and focused on the core business needs of the client. This time and attendance solution helps to remove individual applications and works as one fine system to automate the existing manual work, in managing attendance and shift timings. This Employee Time Tracking solution helps to reduce the complexity involved in human resource management and track their attendance with automation and mobile app compatibility.

The software and eSSL devices help to have a clear Headcount under each location of a production unit with clear attendance status and related data. The system helps to know and manage the employee attendance effectively with various modes of Time Transaction like Biometric, Face Recognition device, Manual Entry, etc. All this helps the client to have an all-in-one solution to save time and money. Makes the HR manager aware of the count of employees working at each site with updates made instantly on 24/7 basis.


  • Exclusive Platform to manage all deployed employees’ time and attendance effectively with various modes in attendance inputs
  • Clear dynamic attendance policies can be managed Department-wise, along with the differential shifts and Comp Off policies
  • Tailor-made and customized solution and modules made specific for the client
  • T&A application is compatible with various market devices available
  • Data driven approach for timely decision-making
  • Can be integrated with the final monthly output for any payroll / ERP system
  • Integrated mobile app is available along with the web application
  • Integration with payroll allows to provide compensation accordingly


Client Testimonial

“A very useful application for managing employee attendance system”.

  • HR Manager