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User-friendly application uses Job Card for logged hours to improve production plan and Delivery Forecast.

Time & Attendance Tracking Software

User-friendly application uses Job Card for logged hours to improve production plan and Delivery Forecast.

The Client

The client is a specialist in the manufacture of Signaling Products for years and was looking for Time & Attendance software solution to be integrated with their Attendance System that would help productivity and delivery forecast. The client needed a software application that could adopt the job-card of employees to record the work hours logged on the production line.

Business Requirement

The team at Timecheck had a discussion with the client to understand their business requirements and pain points. At present they are unable to implement the shift-based attendance rules automatically. Manual efforts are spent for around 2 days with of 3 members time and attendance but still accuracy level is around 82%, it was found.

Productivity of resources is down in production, as managers get involved in confirming team attendance and OT hours every month. Manual follow-up caused mistakes in shift allocation, so they need integration of the time and attendance system with the log-in device or hardware and the job card allocated to each employee coming in for a shift. They needed flexibility in shift allocation and the job card should be helpful to improve the HOD’s production plan and Delivery Forecast. The application they needed, had to optimize the shift scheduling and ensure tracking of employee shifts and hours with the help of the job card and log-in device.

Solution Provided for Manufacturing Sector

The client needed a centralized attendance system integrated with Face-Station for log-in of employee in a shift. The exclusive platform will manage shift-based rules and check discrepancy and the headcounts raised. They required live updates and also generate quick dashboard reports. The customized application can support clear dynamic attendance policies and manage multi levels of staff categories. The application can facilitate overtime compliance and can easily manage it to avoid industry penalties. The solution for this manufacturing sector will meet their requirements.

Timecheck provides tailor-made customized solution specific tor the client’s business. This T&A application is compatible with various market devices on offer. It is a data driven approach that helps timely decision making. The shift management software can be integrated to the final monthly output to any payroll ERP system. This employee time tracking application can be integrated to the mobile app available along with the web application.


  • Attendance and payroll rules processed without manual intervention
  • Overtime allocation process streamlined based on employee department
  • Reduces the time HR managers spend on administrative and attendance management activities
  • Integration with payroll allows to provide compensation accordingly
  • Addressing wage theft / unsustainable working practices.
  • Overtime cost will be avoided and it saves up to 30%
  • Centralized Implementation is possible with 25,000 active employees
  • Helps save time, reduce administrative work and prevents compliance risks

Client Testimonial

This face recognition based time and attendance solution helps us to automate the attendance checking process, scheduling of shifts and analyse total time spent on work per day by an employee with the job card allocated.