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Best Practices of Shift Swapping with Attendance Software

Employee Shift Scheduling Software

Best Practices of Shift Swapping with Attendance Software

In some businesses and organisations workers take to shift swapping more often than not. It is a common practice found in restaurants and retail stores as employees have many reasons for shift swapping, which includes family mattes, medical or personal reasons. Shifts fall at any time of the day, or week, depending on the nature of the job and employees frequently seek help of co-workers to cover their shift time.

The Common Issue of Shift Swapping

This shift swapping can cause problems for either management or employees, or both. Sometimes an issue may arise, when there is no manager to approve the swap. Or by wrong communication an employee may think his/her shift has been covered. Without an efficient shift scheduling software, it is very difficult for an employee to find someone to shift swap. Managers may not find time in their busy schedule to take care of a shift swap. If the shift swap is recorded manually, it might be difficult to find who is accountable.

Accountability for Shift Swaps

The shift pattern software with the facility of shift swapping enables the employee to electronically make the shift swap. Concerned employees in the swap must be agreeable to the change to eliminate any further confusion. The software will bring this to the notice of the manager who only needs to click – OK, to approve it. If anyone misses the shift agreed in the swap, management has a trail to follow and know who is accountable.

Retrievable Records

A shift management software solution like TimeCheck enables employees to change their shifts and attend to other obligations. If the software is integrated to a mobile application, the employee can access the schedule from a smartphone to make shift changes and the management too can use a portable device for access. This is helpful in last minute emergencies, and everything is recorded for later reference.

A software such as TimeCheck will help any organisation or business to manage shift scheduling and changes for management and employees, by managing better the documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls of the organisation. The time and attendance software can also be hooked to a biometric shift management system. Get more information about our effective time and attendance software solutions at our website. You can may request a demo. Just leave us an enquiry and we’ll contact you.