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Employee Shift Planning & Management Solution

Employee Shift Planning & Management Solution

Leading auto spares manufacturer complying with customer requirements and applicable statutory/regulatory requirements.

Business Requirement

Client requirement was auto allocation of shift by department head, a special provision they would like to have in Time check Attendance tracking software. They were in need of a monthly report where they could check employees daily shift based attendance, leave & on-duty request approval availability for absentees. They will do monthly payment for the workers only based on this shift allowances report.

Solution Provided

The software application by default will check the employee shift in punch, if the punch is equal to, greater than or 15 minutes below shift start time then it will auto allocate the appropriate shift to the employee. We customized the employee shift allocation module and gave them the monthly report they asked for with details of shift attended by each employee on each date and for all other employees who haven’t attended the allocated shift the system by itself will update as Absent / Leave.


  • Automatically Allocate Appropriate Shift
  • Easily Handle each day Shift Allocation
  • Accurately Calculate Shift Allowances Wages
  • HR can Easily Handle Monthly Payment
  • Get Details of employee absent / leave info