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Automatic Scheduling & Email Triggering of Reports

Automatic Scheduling & Email Triggering of Reports

Scheduling is quite important for task execution, to succeed in any endeavour we need to have a plan and schedule of repeat tasks that need to be executed efficiently at fixed interval of time. Proper scheduling of each task in defined frequency will help stakeholders to monitor the progress, have a control over the process and look for ways to optimize.

Scheduling is an important tool for time management and in organizations with huge number of workforce, time & attendance system with Automatic Scheduling & Email Triggering of reports is primary as it maps and manages execution of tasks, is superior to manual scheduling in terms of total response time, error-free reports etc.

Automatic Scheduling of Time & attendance process will let users to schedule essential actions and focus on the things which are important. This module from Timecheck software facilitates the authorized user to select the reports from reports module which have to be sent through email and also the schedule time period (daily, weekly, monthly) of sending the individual report. In addition to that authorized user can configure to add email templates for each user group & in this template they can select the employees under the specific user group for whom the email has to addressed, to whom copy has to be forwarded & subject line of the report.

Benefits of Automatic Scheduling

  • Clear Visibility of Data
  • Adhere to deadlines
  • Awareness

We have heard the saying “Time & tide waits for no one” likewise a schedule missed can never be made up it can only be rescheduled. That’s why organizations have started to automate scheduling. To know more about the various automatic scheduling & email triggering of necessary reports to visit our TimeCheck website.