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Time Attendance System


The client is one of the leading manufacturers of precision instruments like scales and analytical instruments for professional use.

Business Requirement:

Client preferred to procure Employee Time and Attendance Software which can be integrated with their existing biometric device where shift time data alone can be captured. They wished to automate time tracking & get insight reports for analysis. Below specified features are requested for with approval workflow & email triggering option for reporting & sanctioning levels.

  • Online leave & permission request features
  • Flexible shift Time In and Time Out calculation
  • Compoff configuration / approval reports
  • Onduty apply /approval reports

Our team at TimeCheck Software came-up with a software application that is developed to satisfy’s all client needs. Now with Timecheck software being integrated with the device the client can collect real-time data from various terminals across the organisation.

  • Organisation employees can apply for leaves prior and get status (Pending, Forwarded, Approved, and Rejected) e-mail from each authority at every stage, get their leave permission reports for any specific period on his own
  • Respective reporting & sanctioning authorities will get e-mail, they can forward / reject or approve. This status mail will be triggered to all stake holders specified in the leave permission work flow chart.
    • Authorised person will have privilege to set different leave policy for different grade of employees. Further manage employees
    • Comp-off leaves by configuring the minimum employee work hours, expiry / validity days to avail half day & full day compensation.
  • On duty request by viewing the request & approving / rejecting it

Now with TimeCheck, Employee time & attendance tracking software at their facility they are able to get any particular report at any time effortlessly.

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