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Renewable Energy Manufacturing Client’s Adopting Time & Attendance Management Software Saves Labor Cost

Time & Attendance Management System

Renewable Energy Manufacturing Client’s Adopting Time & Attendance Management Software Saves Labor Cost

Time attendance management application allows organizations to automate and accurately track workforce time, enabling HR team to stay assured that you pay them exactly what they deserve. Even today, we could see some businesses in industrial segment like renewable energy manufacturing are struggling with unproductive time and attendance methods, despite major technological developments.

HR & payroll departments of such organization need to implement rugged hardware terminal with integration of Time and Attendance to manage all remote manufacturing unit workers. Besides they can also utilize their mobile device geo feature to capture attendance data in real-time from the location employees are in.

Earlier shift time tracking was quite simple but in today’s time with introduction of flexible work hrs. and hybrid work model things have become complex. Timecheck Time & Attendance Software, with advanced features enables handling shift scheduling and overtime management for teams on sequential basis. Beyond this it allows operation to be carried out smoothly, whilst also ensuring your remote workers are compensated fairly and accurately.

To efficiently monitor, manage & register attendance for huge no of employees on a large and flexible scale install Timecheck software that equips you to track your employees’ work hours and manage various HR & Labour policy accurately with complete ease and efficiency from anywhere.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface, additional employee management features, and a highly customizable platform.
  • Easily record work hours spent on specific jobs, field locations, or client place.
  • Employee & Authorities can view all recorded data, such as total hours worked per day and during assigned payroll period, overtime, leaves, time off, and breaks.
  • Manage employee time off requests applied with time off policies for any type of leave -paid or unpaid.
  • Time and attendance allows you to export data for payroll or integrate with payroll software.

Timecheck with your preferred settings can effortlessly let HR Team to mitigate data errors, lessen administrative times and reduce money spent on overtime of employees. To better understand timecheck time and attendance tracking capabilities, Leave us an Enquiry.