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Overtime Hours Approval with work Validation

Overtime Hours Approval with work Validation

Timecheck Software ensures to track and log all product suggestions received from users. A recent feature enhancement done to overtime hours’ validation module in our Employee Attendance Tracking Software delivers performance scalability. In general, Organizations that have extended-hours operations, overtime needs to be handled with care as it can inflict confusion on the operating budget.

Any excessive overtime can cause financial strain, but those that are approved without validation can be an indicator of fraudulent time reporting. To prevent unauthorized overtime, we have brought in the option for modifying the overtime hours, approval authority (HR manager / HOD/ Supervisor) is given privilege to check the total OT hours that each employee worked and at same time he can evaluate the production output & modify it accordingly.
Benefits of Overtime & canteen Management Module Enhancement

  • Easily manage the overtime of the employees
  • Call an employee for overtime in the midnight or early morning
  • Easily View visitor food provided details
  • Pay for OT Hrs by evaluating the OT Output.

This time attendance tracking software helps Organization Managers to get a realistic view of productivity levels & then allows them to accurately calculate overtime pay,. To avoid forgery overtime records, claiming of undue overtime, stays without imbalances in work Hours Contact Us.