Must-Have Features of Effective Time and Attendance Software

Accurate tracking of employee hours is necessary for every business enterprise. Timely data recorded, ensures timely payroll processing. It helps enforce attendance and time-off policies of the company. To make the tracking and gathering of data more efficient, and to cut down time-consuming and cumbersome tasks in the process, the right time and attendance software has to be chosen and customised.

This is where a versatile software like TimeCheck can play a vital role, like in gathering reliable data that can be recorded and used later for reporting and other tasks. Proper tracking of work hours and related data can help reduce costs for the company, besides improving productivity and ROI.

Some of the best features to have in the system:

  • Well-maintained recording devices are needed. Various time recording devices, like a wall-mounted card swiping machine, actually an updated version of the biometric system, can record the hours and transfer data to a computer system, where attendance and employee hours are accurately calculated to the benefit of employees and company.
  • Mobile attendance feature for remote employees. Employees who work remotely can be tracked by the HR administration via a mobile accessible system. Cell phones can be deployed to collect or record data regarding attendance, movement and work hours done. This data ca be integrated with the payroll system for accurate results.
  • Get an attendance system that integrates well. Capturing the data is only one part of the solution. Processing the data is the other part that software does with seamless integration. This is critical for time and payroll calculation.
  • Automate for regulatory compliance. Accurate tracking also helps meet many regulatory requirements. The solution should be built to easily comply with government and international policies and guidelines.
  • Attendance software and tracking system should help administrative and reporting tasks. The best time and attendance software should be intuitive to use in the daily process. Before purchase, a demo can give the company a chance to trial the system. The software should be comprehensive and scalable to meet future needs.
  • Select a Cloud hosted system. Accurate attendance records help in controlling labour costs. However, the system could be expensive if installed internally and linked with hardware. So, opting for a tracking system that’s cloud-based, offers an easier and cheaper solution.
  • Keep the process online and centralise it. Choose a solution that is fast, simple, trouble-free and online for easy accessibility. It will help in easy centralisation of the system. Easy for both management and employees to record work hours and other data for processing later.

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Ensuring Field Workforce Are On-Time In a Remote Location

Geo-fencing technology has opened the way to the virtual fencing of locations, to capture attendance of a desired audience or group of users, or employees. It is being adapted to various uses in our daily life and providing more security over defined virtual boundaries.

As the technology advances, time and attendance software has become capable of establishing geographical areas to limit where an employee is allowed to punch in or out, etc. Harness the power of geofencing technology using mobiles or wireless devices and manage attendance of your mobile workforce, like field staff out on marketing or service tasks.

The advantages of Geo-fencing can be harnessed by installing time and attendance software for monitoring a large workforce punching in or out of a geographical area, virtually fenced by the administrator.

Advantages of virtual fencing time tracking mobile app

  • Help in on-time management of mobile field staff, monitor movement and automate time-cards and monthly schedules.
  • Help in security, as an employee or staff access-card or device can trigger an alert, if attempting an unauthorised entry or exit.
  • Record real-time location-based data depending on the configuration of the system, text messages, or alerts, or push notifications, can be generated.
  • Allowing staff to log time from different locations within the area of virtual fencing, plus prevention of time-theft and unwanted purchases.
  • Save costs by administering time-in/out of shifts of remote employees and ensure that you get accurate attendance data.

TimeCheck is a versatile time and attendance software capable of integrating other legacy systems, mobile devices or existing software (like Payroll software) of an organisation, to yield greater cost benefits and productivity, even with a mobile workforce and for organisations with plants/ factories in multiple locations.

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Manage Workforce Attendance with Fully Automated Time & Attendance Software

Time and attendance device provides cost savings and convenient ways for employee time attendance tracking. This software has replaced traditional attendance and leave management methods and automated the process by directly storing attendance information on a central database. To streamline employee attendance tracking process with enhanced efficiency configure it with your company leave policy & take the hassles out of your people & processes.

Task Management

By implementing this award-winning software HR manager can easily address Human capital issues and enhance overall accuracy with regards to employee attendance data. Multilevel approval for any leave / Shift change / Overtime request through hand phones on the go lets balance the priority work for completion that day, allocate alternate replacement resource who could meet the given timeline.

Intuitive Dashboard

To increase the company’s bottom line earning you can see to the intuitive dash board track & analyze on employee activity like late in, early out, on-duty, comp-off and shift-change reports from the employee portal. and lay an organized foundation for human capital management in your organization. Invest in this technology solution to gain better insights, make your approval processes faster and easier – and stay ahead providing more strategic value to your organization.

To select & decide among the many attendance management software options available on the market contact us with your Unique needs. We can address your core needs and help you save your precious time.

Ways to Improve Employee Time & Attendance Behaviour

Tracking of employee’s attendance is a pre-requisite for business success. In every organization, it’s essential to make sure that time is not being wasted and you gain insight into labour activities and output efficiency. Mostly everyone expect employees to report to work on time every day, as punctuality and regular attendance of an employee only insures optimal productivity and customer service. Employers can improve attendance discipline across the board by effortlessly keeping track of employee time & attendance in real time.

With automated attendance monitoring system, firm can be in a decent position to minimise risks of time theft and non-productivity. With this application you can see incredibly accurate data about employee late coming, long lunches, early leaving behaviour. Accurate records of attendance reported help you cut your labour costs and boost up your revenue. This system can be customised & implemented in a very simple version in a small company, as well as in big companies with a large number of employees.

To minimise impact of unauthorized absence give employees direct access to their online timesheet and the ability to request leaves in advance with unmatched ease. Adopt TimeCheck Employee Time and Attendance monitoring software that comply with your organisation labour regulation acts/policies and captures employee attendance data and automates even the most complex rules of your workforce, entirely through configuration.

Considering the fact that time is cash, employer should deal with employee’s time in ways that ensure mistakes is minimised. With this software application in place you need not run behind your employee to get the job done, productivity is certain to increase automatically. Check out our time & attendance monitoring product’s features and contact us to know more in detail.