How Time & Attendance Software Helps You Reduce Eco–Foot Print

We see people being increasingly dependent upon computers for both personnel and business operation. Even in this age of big data some companies still lack in digitalizing their documents. Organizations using paper must think of reducing its usage and contributing to the ecology by digitalizing the documents. By digitization the document organization can centralize the documents, make it secure and also allow multiple users to access it concurrently.

Manual Tracking Disadvantage

Using less paper is denoted as a proven method to reduce your impact on forests as well cut off costs, One first step organizations can do is adopt TimeCheck, an enterprise grade web based time tracking systems. In manual tracking organizations make use of paper to collect and process employee time and attendance data.

Disadvantage of Manual Time Tracking

  • Hard copy data sometimes becomes unaccounted and it’s difficult to find and is often spread across filing cabinets, warehouses, and in designated employees’ desk.
  • Retrieval of historical data by searching physical documents becomes time consuming task
  • Difficult for business leaders to gain a 360-degree view
  • Unreliable for business decision-making as it’s editable & not secured

Automated web base time & attendance Software Advantage

In Timecheck automated web based time and attendance tracking systems we no need to maintain paper timesheet nor punch cards everything is electronically recorded, processed, stored and retrieved so paper-free. It assists employers in discovering significant trends, insights from historical data that remain archived as digital documents

Benefits of digitalizing Employee Time & attendance tracking solution

  • Each & every bit of data is central & secure, can be accessed from anywhere
  • Easy for discrepancies management & payroll calculation
  • Punch in & punch out can be tracked using Biometric devices, fingerprints, facial recognition etc
  • From employee punch in to calculation of payroll everything associated can be monitored
  • Employers can gain insights on employee attendance for decision making purposes

Timecheck Time & attendance software helps us to reduce paper…and eventually the need for trees. Discussed above are steps that businesses can adopt to move towards full digital transformation and eco-footprint reduction.

How organizations can save time and be more efficient

For every organization it is very vital to continually look for ways & implement strategies to improve and maximize business efficiencies. In day to day life, we could see organization’s which computerize and automate key human resource activities gets significant improvements in productivity. Likewise organizations that implement time & attendance system to enable workforce comply with wage-and-hour regulations are able to enhance efficiency and save money.

Statistics disclose that inaccuracy in payroll calculation alone makes up for a minimum loss of up to 6% of costs. Instead of doing things the way they were done earlier, Automating Time & Attendance processes with biometric devices will immediately help your organization reduce labor costs, additionally will make you free from the routine task of tracking employees work time in timesheets, freeing up managers valid time that would otherwise be spent on dealing with challenges at work. Salary overpayments, time theft, human error, non-compliance to company leave policy etc which are “hidden” costs to the organization can be eliminated.

Integration of Time & Attendance system to keep track of employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts will improve accuracy and will save time & avoid discrepancies at time of payment. With time & attendance system in place employees will come to know that they are being monitored and will not get away with long breaks or early departures. Great level of insight is possible with Automated Time and Attendance tracking reports. Having this system configured as per business policy will eliminate human errors, compliance violations, time theft, and other time-related issues that lead to revenue leakage. Productivity will automatically increase as the process configured increases accountability & transparency.

With Timecheck, time &attendance tracking software in place organizations can streamline the payroll process and provide HR managers with timely labor data to more effectively manage their workforce and increase overall productivity.