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Employee Shift and Overtime Management Solution Offered to Warehouse & Distribution Company

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Employee Shift and Overtime Management Solution Offered to Warehouse & Distribution Company

Without an advanced employee attendance management system, the company was facing difficulty to manage their shift pattern & multiple shifts they follow. Shift change request handling & overtime allocation hrs on a sequential basis was quite cumbersome for HR team. With huge no of employee count the shift change, OT Management request has raised by 33% in recent times.

To save time, reduce paper work, keep accurate attendance records, and eliminate process bottlenecks they adopted our Timecheck software an automated attendance management software. Our team of professional’s did customization works to match the software address their company rules, keep track of employee regular work hours, multiple shift time, overtime and configured group based weekends, shifts, holiday calendar etc.

  • This easy to use software was configured to provide HR Manager the access required to track employees working in real time and know exact employee work hrs.
  • This mobile enabled application allowed client to do appropriate Shift planning for employees and see to the company is staffed with right skilled employees at each shift and is operational at all times.
  • Helped them reduce unplanned overtime cost be in compliance with labor regulations and company policies.
  • Decreases labor costs by enforcement of HR policies and by minimizing difficulties when it comes to employee scheduling.

With Timecheck Software being installed they were able to reduce shift-planning errors and lowers labor costs. This supports employees to nurture both their physical and mental wellbeing to be in balance with their work schedules, resulting in worker satisfaction and employee experience.

Looking for the right time and attendance software to manage with multiple shift? Reach out to us, for more details.