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Centralizing the Attendance System & Managing Multiple Units Made Easy

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Centralizing the Attendance System & Managing Multiple Units Made Easy


A leading pharma distributor company in India giving best value to stakeholders through quality products and consumer oriented services. They wanted to invest in software that can increase their efficiencies and support them achieve incremental improvements to attract employees.

Problem Outline

They had challenges/gaps in taking live attendance data, when employees are doing extension and continuing the working after shift, further they identified productivity going down with the resources, when production manager gets involved every month with team attendance confirmation for OT Hrs and gaps in multiple break timings by individuals. One another difficulty they faced was, getting mistakes in doing the allocation of shift when patterns wise for a week need to allocated are getting raised due to manual follow-up. They wanted to have the solution for the following

  • Manage multiple unit attendance as centralized option
  • Manage multiple shifts, where various night shift timings need is to be taken care
  • Seamlessly manage the On duty, Leave and Permissions systematically

Solution Summary

We provided them our Centralized attendance tracking software compatible with various market devices.  With Zk Teco device integration tracking shift management across different units in real time was made possible.

This exclusive Time & Attendance platform enabled them to

  • View live dashboards reports, as well as manage their shift timings and discrepancies raised against the same.
  • Easily manage dynamic attendance policies for multilevel staff categories immediately as Live Update
  • Overtime Compliance can be easily managed, productivity can be meet, and there by industry penalties
  • Mobile app integration with Time & attendance web application puts an end to the challenges faced


  • Tailor made solution specific for business needs
  • Integration to any payroll ERP system was enabled
  • Centralized solution saves operational cost by 36%
  • Overtime extra spent cost will be avoided and lets way to save upto 16%
  • Improve user management and visibilty by 35%
  • Improve productivity and benefits by 27%

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