Choose the right Time and Attendance Software for your business

If you are on the lookout for an efficient and useful Time and Attendance Software, you’ll find innumerable offerings by various companies. Consider a provider able to develop a custom software solution and provide good after sales support. Choose from a provider with a reputation for good customer support, with the product offering value addition and software stability.

Study Your Requirements

First, prioritise your requirements and carefully select the type of software and hardware suitable, or required for your operations and particular industry, as it should be easily scalable, upgradable and offer a good user experience over time.

Check Hardware & Software Integration Feasibility

Also check out the clocking systems offered, or to be integrated. Find out whether they are web-based ones, biometric or trackable cards, clocking devices. The software must be capable of extracting out a variety of reports from the attendance and time-clock system it is connected with.

The software must be easily integrated with other relevant systems that exist in your company and connect with a reliable payroll software, offer accessibility from anywhere and anytime when management deems need.

System Scalability & Support Service

The system operated over a lifespan should offer tangible benefits and ROI, which the supplier has to explain. Be clear also about the project management and implementation criteria involved, so as to obtain the best out of your resources and data.

You should be able to build upon the system and the key areas of improvement, besides enjoying a healthy product lifecycle from the solution. Clarify about initial training and ongoing support for the system provided to your time and attendance department.

Our TimeCheck software solution is capable of simplifying the time & attendance process. It is a web & mobile based enterprise grade employee attendance software that can benefit through seamless integration with third party applications. It can be customised to get extensive list of reports with various filtering options. Contact us with your unique needs.

Manage Workforce Attendance with Fully Automated Time & Attendance Software

Time and attendance device provides cost savings and convenient ways for employee time attendance tracking. This software has replaced traditional attendance and leave management methods and automated the process by directly storing attendance information on a central database. To streamline employee attendance tracking process with enhanced efficiency configure it with your company leave policy & take the hassles out of your people & processes.

Task Management

By implementing this award-winning software HR manager can easily address Human capital issues and enhance overall accuracy with regards to employee attendance data. Multilevel approval for any leave / Shift change / Overtime request through hand phones on the go lets balance the priority work for completion that day, allocate alternate replacement resource who could meet the given timeline.

Intuitive Dashboard

To increase the company’s bottom line earning you can see to the intuitive dash board track & analyze on employee activity like late in, early out, on-duty, comp-off and shift-change reports from the employee portal. and lay an organized foundation for human capital management in your organization. Invest in this technology solution to gain better insights, make your approval processes faster and easier – and stay ahead providing more strategic value to your organization.

To select & decide among the many attendance management software options available on the market contact us with your Unique needs. We can address your core needs and help you save your precious time.

Increase 40% productivity with mobile time tracking app

Mobile time tracking apps are built to record worked time on a phone, tablet, or similar device and empower you to plan things well, save a lot of time & money. Its unique features will allow employees to clock in and out with the devices they’ve already got in their pockets. Even organizations with employees in multiple locations can make use of this feature in our web based attendance tracking software & streamline the entire timekeeping process.

Feature-rich, employee-friendly time tracking mobile app facilitates you to access the information you need, when you need it. This solution streamlines the process, and avoid disputes makes you to achieve 40% growth in staff productivity. Further, customizing this app will give you the flexibility to use it as per your business needs & the company culture.

Features of the Mobile tracking app includes:

  • Dashboard to Review daily attendance data of employees in real time
  • Supervisors can use just tap the app to track multiple employee’s attendance
  • My calendar, an easy-to-use interface and user experience to check
  • Send Instant notifications to employees if there is a schedule change
  • Quick view & Processing of leaves & on duty, shift change etc enabled for managers
  • Easily & efficiently manage leave & permission on the go at the fingertips
  • Attendance report with accuracy to make smarter decisions
  • Profile creation with flexi time & attendance policy

This solution will let your organization to grow faster and further increase the value of your business. To eliminate paper timesheets and go for mobile app time tracking solution Contact Us.

Achieve Higher ROI using Automated Time and Attendance System

ROI stands for Return On Investment which is a performance measure used to discover the efficiency of an investment. As an investor, understanding the ROI in business can make the difference between success and failure. Labour cost is an inevitable investment of every business. Studies reveal, Instead of manual time tracking method, implementing Automated Time and Attendance Software to manage labour costs, will reduce unnecessary labour costs and improve productivity. Having a Automated Time and Attendance Solution provides the following advantages and improves your ROI (Return On Investment).

Tracks Real-Time Data

Automated Time Attendance Solution tracks real-time data and provides valid employees time and attendance data; it effectively avoids data-inaccuracies and time theft.Adopting this system prevents revenue leakage and thereby maximizes ROI.

Reduce Manual Process

The Automated Time Attendance Software significantly reduces the time taken for preparing timesheet entries.unlike manual time tracking system saves cost, avoids discrepancies in payroll calculation.

proper tracking of overtime calculation eliminates the needless overtime cost incurred.

Creates self Responsibility

Automated solution for time and attendance allows employees to manage their time and this in turn eliminates over-payments and also encourages increased productivity.

Avoid Employee’s Fraudulent Activities

Buddy punching is one of the common time theft problems companies’ face. Buddy punching arises when an employee gets another employee to punch their time card for them; with Automated Time Attendance system combined with biometric access effectively eliminates this buddy punching and fraudulent clock-ins.

Are you a business owner? Thinking of ways to improve your ROI ? Then Contact us to automate your time and attendance system.