Ensuring Field Workforce Are On-Time In a Remote Location

Geo-fencing technology has opened the way to the virtual fencing of locations, to capture attendance of a desired audience or group of users, or employees. It is being adapted to various uses in our daily life and providing more security over defined virtual boundaries.

As the technology advances, time and attendance software has become capable of establishing geographical areas to limit where an employee is allowed to punch in or out, etc. Harness the power of geofencing technology using mobiles or wireless devices and manage attendance of your mobile workforce, like field staff out on marketing or service tasks.

The advantages of Geo-fencing can be harnessed by installing time and attendance software for monitoring a large workforce punching in or out of a geographical area, virtually fenced by the administrator.

Advantages of virtual fencing time tracking mobile app

  • Help in on-time management of mobile field staff, monitor movement and automate time-cards and monthly schedules.
  • Help in security, as an employee or staff access-card or device can trigger an alert, if attempting an unauthorised entry or exit.
  • Record real-time location-based data depending on the configuration of the system, text messages, or alerts, or push notifications, can be generated.
  • Allowing staff to log time from different locations within the area of virtual fencing, plus prevention of time-theft and unwanted purchases.
  • Save costs by administering time-in/out of shifts of remote employees and ensure that you get accurate attendance data.

TimeCheck is a versatile time and attendance software capable of integrating other legacy systems, mobile devices or existing software (like Payroll software) of an organisation, to yield greater cost benefits and productivity, even with a mobile workforce and for organisations with plants/ factories in multiple locations.

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Streamline Payroll Process with Automated Time Attendance System

Payroll preparation is an important process followed in every business organization. It should be managed perfectly for accurate and timely processing. Automated Time and Attendance System has options to integrate with existing payroll system and widely contribute to get payroll processing smooth.

Listed are the few benefits of automating your employee Time & Attendance Management System

Automate Time & attendance tracking

Unlike a traditional attendance tracking system, automated time tracking software do not need payroll staff to regularly enter employee data in the payroll system. An Automated Clocking Systems will effectively tracks the employee’s clock in and out and provide you with employee hourly data and adherence level to company regulations more accurately than manual attendance system. To reduce the impact of employee unhappiness and to get rid of inaccuracies and discrepancies in payroll calculations integrate worked hours data seamlessly with payroll applications

Adopt to a Paperless Atmosphere

A paperless atmosphere leads to an absolute result of upgraded technology and can also be very helpful for the smooth payroll process. Paperless environment in payroll management usually means that the employee’s information is maintained in software. Time & Attendance Software is highly lessening the amount of time it needs to provide you the required employee information. With intuitive user interface you can easily manage employee timesheets and see a significant reduction in labor costs.

Pay your employees on time

Payroll is the only service that rewards employees for their services; it makes the employees work with fulfillment. Pay a person on time is one of the very difficult tasks in the context of traditional payroll management, but automated time attendance system support to eliminate the risk in delay of the payroll process and helps payroll department to pay employees on time.

These are the few advantages that you can achieve by installing Automated Time Attendance Software. Are you looking for ways to lessen your payroll preparation time? Then, now it’s the time to automate your Time and Attendance Tracking System. To significantly reduce the time and manage your payroll process accurately and smoothly, please contact us.

How organizations can save time and be more efficient

For every organization it is very vital to continually look for ways & implement strategies to improve and maximize business efficiencies. In day to day life, we could see organization’s which computerize and automate key human resource activities gets significant improvements in productivity. Likewise organizations that implement time & attendance system to enable workforce comply with wage-and-hour regulations are able to enhance efficiency and save money.

Statistics disclose that inaccuracy in payroll calculation alone makes up for a minimum loss of up to 6% of costs. Instead of doing things the way they were done earlier, Automating Time & Attendance processes with biometric devices will immediately help your organization reduce labor costs, additionally will make you free from the routine task of tracking employees work time in timesheets, freeing up managers valid time that would otherwise be spent on dealing with challenges at work. Salary overpayments, time theft, human error, non-compliance to company leave policy etc which are “hidden” costs to the organization can be eliminated.

Integration of Time & Attendance system to keep track of employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts will improve accuracy and will save time & avoid discrepancies at time of payment. With time & attendance system in place employees will come to know that they are being monitored and will not get away with long breaks or early departures. Great level of insight is possible with Automated Time and Attendance tracking reports. Having this system configured as per business policy will eliminate human errors, compliance violations, time theft, and other time-related issues that lead to revenue leakage. Productivity will automatically increase as the process configured increases accountability & transparency.

With Timecheck, time &attendance tracking software in place organizations can streamline the payroll process and provide HR managers with timely labor data to more effectively manage their workforce and increase overall productivity.

Why time and attendance for Logistics sector?

Globalization and the development of online businesses have transformed logistics into a dynamic and fast-growing sector. Exact delivery, reliability and punctuality are the significant factors and the key route to triumph in logistics sector. Time and attendance software solutions cater to meet the requirements in logistics sector.

Based on a research, companies devoid of an automated time and attendance solution are liable to overpay employees by 1.5% to 10% of gross payroll, because of time theft and error driven calculations.

For logistics sector, it is essential to track the overall time worked by their employees accurately. Without an employee time management solutions, it is an immense challenge to maintain accurate details of time worked by employees. Time and attendance software helps to standardize and streamline employee attendance management system by reducing operating costs. In complicated situations, time and attendance software applies the correct standards and work rules to accurately capture employee time. These persuade elimination of overpayments and underpayments resulting in approximately 1-6% gross payroll savings in logistics sector.

Reasons to implement time and attendance software in logistics sector

  • • Manages remote workforce efficiently and effectively, Manage & reduce absences, Track and enforce employee attendance and improve productivity.
  • • Proper shift allocations, reduce overtime expenditures, and keep track of absence practices that are against company policy.Access real-time data so you can view and report on absences, overtime and other issues related to cost and productivity.
  • • Eliminates buddy punching and saves money. Putting an end to buddy punching and other fraudulent practices.

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Why Use Time & Attendance Software instead of Punch Cards

Punch cards are paper cards by using which you can insert into the time clock when reporting to your work. The time you arrive is stamped on the card when you punches in and again when you punches out. You have no ability to monitor the time; if you arrive five minutes late to the work since that will be reflected on the punch card. Due to this, employee time theft can be eliminated. Punch cards are older form for keeping track of time. The employees use punch cards or registers to supervise the time when they arrive or depart the company. One specific reason why not to use is, Punch card can get accidentally shuffled and also they occupies lots of storage space. Punch cards do not prevent “buddy punching” that is, asking a co-worker to punch your time card for you if suppose you are late. In such cases, you can use biometric / fingerprint Time and Attendance Software, which generally prevents buddy punching occurrences and also saves time.

Success of every business lies in the consistent and efficient operating methodology. Time Management Software is essential for any business dealing with employee attendance. Today many companies employ fleets of vehicles, from small to large business organizations. A recent survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group reveals that 60% employees aren’t accurately reporting their time, or their employers just don’t know! Nowadays many companies have started using Time and Attendance Software to track their workforce effectively instead of using punch cards. Even profit making smaller companies are willing to use Employee Time Tracking Software for streamlining their employee attendance and to automate their payroll processing system.

An effective Time and Attendance Tracking software system has plethora of benefits for all type of businesses. Time & Attendance Software provides huge savings in man hours over older systems by reducing absenteeism and also enhances the efficiency of HR by providing centralized access to employee hours.

In punch cards method, it is impossible to bypass using falsified information, eliminating the possibility of buddy punching and other forms of employee time theft. It leads to an employee is paid for time in which they were not working and typically occurs through the falsifying of time records. While in Biometric Attendance System, there is no possibility of such mistake.

Web Based Timesheet Software based Time and Attendance System greatly reduces the amount of time needed to prepare employee time cards for payroll processing by automatically totaling employee hours and overtime. Timesheet Management Software also decreases the reliance on mechanical or electronic punch clocks that are subject to failure and expensive to replace or repair. Shift has allowed business owners to obtain the benefits of reduced operating costs because computerized Time Management Software is easy to maintain, increases employee accountability, is professional, and makes payroll processing easy.

Furthermore TimeCheck offers proven benefits for your business including improved staff productivity, efficient real-time data processing, and cost saving with accurate time reporting. Now you can also compute your employee time tracking using our TimeCheck Time and attendance system for indisputable time records.