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The client is the leading logistics service provider engaged in offering customers a truly personal service and flexible supply chain solutions tailored to meet their individual business needs.

Business Requirement

Client requires an comprehensive Time & Attendance solution with following features.

  • To handle employee attendance on a web based application
  • Various shifts of the employees need to be managed successfully
  • Leave management of employees should be taken care by the application, with appropriate reporting
  • Other than Holiday, the application has to handle leaves for any other special occasions

Technologies Used
ASP.NET, C#, Crystal Reports and SQL Server

Solution Offered
Time & Attendance solution from TimeCheck comprised of the following features.

  • Standard application of TimeCheck with manual time entry module helped client to get report on every employee IN / OUT timing details
  • Leave Policy allocation module to create different leave policies for different grade level of employees
  • Shift Management feature with Shift Roaster feature to manage the shifts of the employees and also to help the client in Temporary Shift Allocation, Mutual Shift Exchange option for a huge employee base with just a single click
  • All the standard reports are provided with Employee type and Category filter option to retrieve the record effectively
  • Database integration based on the device data type
  • Master handling option for processing real-time data from terminals across the organization including company, region, branch and department, employee and designation
  • Leave & Permission Management feature allows authorized personnel to View, Forward, Approve or Reject the application entries
  • Year Closure feature to carry forward the leave balances to next year

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