Time & Attendance Tracking Software Benefits

In today’s time businesses should not neglect the opportunity to upgrade their time tracking system. Actually human capital of an organization has a direct and significant impact on the organization’s success. Effectively automating and streamlining the processes with a Time & Attendance Management Software System will prevent compliance violations, overpayment in payroll and contribute for curtailing labor disputes related risk. With this in mind, many companies have begun to integrate employee time and attendance tracker that will reduce costly errors which can happen while making use of timesheets, manual time-tracking systems.

Benefits of time & attendance tracking software

  • Calendar feature in the attendance tracking software allows individual employee take charge of their own time and attendance.
  • Leave/ Permission requests are mailed directly to respective employee manager who can approve or deny request based on work schedules
  • Everything is reported and analyzed in real time and this allows managers and employees to stop wasting their precious time in fixing the shift schedule.
  • Unplanned absences are a headache for many managers and with this software you can effectively plan these requests conveniently.

Integrating time and attendance software will give employers & employees higher transparency, besides strategies to make smarter decision in the momentum they need. To move forward pick up on trends and save time from eliminating repetitive, manual tasks by selecting a best time & attendance tracking software that will greatly help you out to take correct course of action. If you are Interested to integrate a trendy Time and Attendance software that fit your organization rules Contact Us.

Digitalizing Workforce Attendance Improves Compliance

Digitalization of information is an inevitable process which will unleash the potential to be more productive & Innovative. In specific digitalizing employee timesheet empowers employees, as well reduces workload for HR. By bringing in this metamorphic change organizations can get rich insights into the attendance and time patterns of employees, create custom reports and analyze various aspects that help reduce labor cost & improve workforce productivity.

Benefits of Digitalizing Workforce Attendance Management

  • Custom reports generated with various filtering options helps organization HR to automatically flag exceptions to scheduled attendance against corporate attendance policies and take necessary enforcement steps for correction
  • It saves administrative cost & facilitates HR to centrally manage attendance policies from multiple locations, analyze absence types and seamlessly do absence management
  • Automatic calculation of overtime, leave balance, takes away all the pain associated with manual uploads and provides the Overtime details of each employee’s Weekday Over Time(OT), Week Off OT & Holiday OT in Actual & Modified Output formats required for payroll calculation for a particular duration
  • Integration with payroll allows accounts manager to automate the most complex payroll process and manage multiple salary configurations for various seniority levels seamlessly
  • Automatic Scheduling & email triggering of reports facilitates the authorized user to select the reports from reports module & configure email templates for each user group for whom the email (To, CC & Subject) has to be sent.

In real time, we could see every organization having different attendance policies in execution and even within the same organization we could see different departments, or even different users having different attendance policies, for all such scenarios Time and Attendance Management Software installation is must. So to digitize employee attendance tracking in your organization contact us.

Cost Cutting & Time Saving with Automated Attendance Monitoring Software

Cost cutting measures taken will boost companies bottom line in a short term. Improving a particular system, say workforce punctuality through an automated time and attendance monitoring software system in your business possibly increases your profitability. Both large & small companies know how wasted time can increase the expenses of payroll and proper time management is critical for success. One of the best ways for finding out where the time is going is to start using time tracking software. It helps you to collect real time attendance data & efficiently reduce companies on-going operational costs.

Cost-cutting, when done selectively & intelligently, can be a faster way to yield higher profits. Time & Attendance Monitoring software at place will enable user to know & track approved comp-off details in a user-friendly manner. Further approval authorities can check for employee’s overtime task details and sanction the extra hours spent as overtime or comp-off accordingly to the organization rules.

  • Improve Employee punctuality & employee attendance habits
  • Adjust shifts on-the-go, create precise and conflict-free schedules
  • Analyze where you have been spending frivolously, where you can make cuts
  • Enable real time tracking of resource movements & improves transparency

By using function key mode in the device user can save time, eliminate the time wasted on track cards. Mapping & tracking appropriate punch types for the assigned function including Shift in, Shift Lunch out, Lunch in, On Duty etc are done accurately with just one touch on the web dashboard. Authorized user can simply monitor the worked hours and calculate cumulative work hours based on the difference between the out & in punches from the employee, this not only cuts cost & reduces wasted time but also helps to get the most out of your workforce.

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Employee Time Management Improves Business Profits

Time is a business metric & tracking every single minute can have a great impact on your business. Organizations need to track employee timesheet to improve business productivity as it affects many critical aspects of the business. Powerful tools like time tracking software has enormous features to track employee Shift-in, Shift-out, Break hrs , Early exit, Late hrs , Cumulative work hrs etc seamlessly. With Time Management software installation, organizations can collect critical information at the right time.

The more manageable the process, HR manager can get organization wise employee present absent & leave data graphically. Evaluating the existing process & tightening up the areas that need immediate attention & enforcement of better policies will have a profound effect on the entire firm. This automation will alert authorized personnel to foresee problems and will allow you enforce policy, control & improve employee behavior.

Time Management Software Benefits

  • The convenient leave permission approval scheme
  • Facilitates human resources management for multiple branches in different locations
  • Multiple approval system keep data secure as well keep managers of your organization in the loop
  • payroll calculation & resource management can be done accurately and even with flexi hrs option
  • Helps to make the most out of their most valuable resource

Understanding the need for time tracking benefits the organization employees and help with quite a few different areas of a business. With Time and Attendance Tracking Software you can avail total visibility & keep track of your costs, profits etc and prevent loss of wages while improving work productivity. Our report puts more data at your fingertips and gives you real-time insight from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

Time & Attendance Tracking Software System Automates HR Process

Today’s Organization look for automating Time & Attendance tracking of Employee as a whole. With this system, employers can save time, increase employee productivity and reduce labor cost, enables the company to decrease HR burden and empower employees. To obtain accurate records of employee hours worked, early or late (from entry to exit) punches and leave taken, automates human resource time & attendance management.

Advanced features in the system allows HR to add user specific settings where they can assign permissions and working hours for a specific user, map user ID in the attendance terminals, set working hours for half & full day, configure shift details, import attendance data and much more that will reduce overhead cost & save money.

An automated attendance tracking system is more essential today than ever before to prevent employee time theft, view each employee work hrs which are essential to address issues if any and improve regulatory compliance. In addition to the above advantages, it will help HR’s to gain insight into labor costs, control over overtime expenses, make sound workforce decisions and accurately project future labour costs.

Studies reveal that many organizations get a good return on investment due to accurate payroll processing. Especially this automated employee time management software avoids the potential risk of human error and amplifies all benefits at relatively low cost.

If you want your organization to control payroll, maintain accurate reporting, automate your Time & attendance Tacking Software System and reduce overhead, for details contact us.

Time & Attendance Monitoring Software Assists HR Operations

Time and Attendance Monitoring application assists companies to maximize their operational efficiencies, minimize labor costs and retain skilled workforce. By installing this web based application HR team can ensure to follow an impartial and orderly approach which address employee satisfaction and morale leading to a more profitable business.

As employee play a vital role in the success of your organization, accessing organizational employee timesheet in real-time assists employees to be more informative, empowered and accountable. Organizations have started realizing workforce as the biggest single overhead of an organizations and the importance of storing and analyzing work hour exceptions, overtime calculation modes etc which are major cost drivers in the business.

By integrating time and attendance monitoring software HR’s can take full control of attendance, convert data into actionable, valuable information and thereby achieve their overall mission and objectives. It adjusts to organization’s policy & helps managers to track employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts.

  • Ensuring greater accuracy
  • Reduce payroll processing time
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Variety of reports to boost productivity
  • Improves Employee Morale
  • Prevent errors and labor issues

By collecting department wise employee attendance and absence data HR can easily monitor tardiness or absenteeism data that can affect productivity. Automated software will help organizations to collect, analyze, and take immediate control of employee attendance that may be valuable to Organization bottom line.

For seamless integration of Time and Attendance Monitoring Solution to businesses across the globe contact us.

Time & Attendance Automation to Improve Employee Productivity

Measuring employee productivity is imperative to increase ROI and sustain the overall health of a company. In order to improve productivity stats, we need to get a clear idea on what needs to be improved by analyzing employee activity. As we believe, time is money it’s important to visualize employee time & attendance, one way to improve employee productivity.

If you are running short of time and you don’t have time to capture workforce worked hrs deviation, then implement a technology based time and attendance solution with biometric device to process time data and provide HR managers with timely labor data to more effectively manage employee leave, attendance, Overtime, Holiday etc. By having this technology solution in place, any authorized personnel can access the attendance data of employee by proper verification of discrepancies and re-process the data based on company HR Policy.

Today’s organization seeks better ways instead of conventional method of maintaining register for attendance monitoring. Automated attendance tracker will help employers to track their employees time and attendance to work as well improve employee care, eliminate buddy punching and control employee access to certain areas within a facility. Apart from attendance tracking you can also protect the people who work for you by keeping harmonious relations which will result in higher productivity for the company.

Regardless of the Industry, Timecheck tracking software will accommodate all the data you need recorded for processing payroll and assures that everyone is compensated as accurately as possible and your cost is not being wasted by overpaying for not working employee.

If you really need to have visibility and control over your labor costs implement Timecheck Time & Attendance tracker. For details Contact Us.

Attendance Monitoring Software to track Remote Employees

Workforce is the most significant asset & expense every organization has to keep monitoring to increase productivity and effectiveness at work.  To achieve this capitalizing in an apt technology is essential, as you can’t keep on monitoring all your employee’s activities all through the day. To aid you, we have Employee Time & Attendance Monitoring Application that monitors each employee & provides you a consolidated report where you can get precise data against various parameters which includes tracking in real-time to make sure that staff are working the hours they are supposed to be working.

Remote work forces which were unimaginable earlier, are common these days, to monitor them implementing this Automated Attendance Monitoring Software is the only method. With this software at your end you can make sure that time is being utilized productively. As these attendance monitoring application have a high accuracy rate you can hold people for billable hours claim at times when they were not there.

Organizations that are functioning at multiple regions can make use of this type of system and easily define organization level hierarchy like Company, Region, Branch, Department and so on to group in a user-friendly manner. In time & attendance management system you can even allocate separate shifts for different types of employees based on departments, employee types, and regions.

As you are the one who will end up paying for it you can customize the application to get every detail required and you can focus on your core tasks at the same time make sure that productivity increase certainly. If your company is very large and functions at multiple locations, then configuring this specialized system to track remote employee can contribute to save your time & Money.

Interested to automate your time & attendance monitoring system for remote employee tracking.  Then Contact Us

Ways to Overcome Staff Absence That Impacts Business Productivity

Employee absenteeism is associated with a lot of negative outcomes and organization must aim to avoid it significantly and reduce the costs associated with staff absences. In fact, when an employee has an absence, productivity suffers because of it and it leave customer questions unanswered. A recent survey states that even for small businesses this cost will quickly add up and make up to 4% of total annual payroll expenses.

If you are concerned with staff absence consider integrating TimeCheck Software that keeps track of employee time & attendance & also aids you with absence reports which can give you full visibility of employee absences. Having the data of planned & unplanned leaves of employees will help employers to make smarter business decisions. With this technologically advanced time and attendance system you can approve leave, manage different types of leave such as Casual Leave, Sick Leave, Earned Leave, Loss of Pay etc, based on this you can reduce impact on productivity.

By creating customized attendance policies as per your organizational needs you can streamline your employee leave. Further, you can either approve or reject staffs leave based on various eligibility criteria. Finally an e-mail with appropriate status (Pending, Forwarded, Approved, and Rejected) will be automatically triggered for all stakeholders in this process to plan the task in advance & thereby make the best use of scarce resources more efficiently.


  • Cut down on administrative time
  • Significantly Increase Client Satisfaction
  • Improve Organizational efficiency
  • Reduce impact on productivity
  • Eliminate human error

Companies with large employee numbers and employers who wish to have visibility / full control over employees’ leaves can contact us.

Complications that Timecheck Software can resolve

There are many standard problems faced by every business organization, if we analyse the reason behind every contradiction, we can conclude that the main issue behind is deficiency of real-time attendance data. We cannot be sure that the data obtained by manual attendance tracking will be accurate, there might be some complications and discrepancies. To overcome such attendance complications choosing a right automated Time and Attendance Tracking Software will be the perfect choice.

Timecheck Software provides accurate, real-time insights into complex organizational challenges; it widely resolves the attendance complications that an organization faces. Now let’s look upon some standard problems that every organization faces, and how to overcome with the help of Automated Time and Attendance Monitoring System.

Shift Management

Major complication that normally every organization needs to overcome is organizing the shift for numerous employees. Overall manually managing all the shift details will be a time-consuming process and it never ever gives accurate data. Timecheck Software solves this problem by helping to effectively schedule the shifts and gives accurate-real time data. It helps organization to monitor employee’s working time to improve workforce productivity.

Leave Management

It can be troublesome and time-consuming process to handle employee leaves. Old traditional leave management system is more difficult to check out the employees leave history. Switching to Time and Attendance Management Software simplifies the leave management process. Brings transparency in leave management and enhances accuracy, builds discipline within the organization by providing an access to personal leave history and leave availability.

Overtime Management

Calculating overtime hours has become crucial, where employee’s overtime data cannot be monitored regularly. In manual overtime calculation, there might be some possibilities to miss-out data and it is also a time-consuming process. Timecheck Software solves this complication by regularly monitoring the over-time management data, and triggers mail to approving authority, to approve / cancel / forward the overtime hours of an employee.

Are you facing the above discussed problems?? Don’t delay. To resolve your complication contact us to get a Timecheck software and upgrade your business to next level.