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Time Tracking & Attendance Monitoring Solutions for Retail Sectors

Time Tracking & Attendance Monitoring Solutions for Retail Sectors

Client belongs to a retail sector. He has many stores in the city and he aims to provide his customers with wide range of products and best service that would make them stands out from the rest.

Business Requirement

Client’s business requirement was to automate their time & attendance monitoring for employees who gets transfer from one branch to the other quite often. The biggest challenge our TimeCheck software product needs to address is, providing them the privilege to map employee attendance across various branches & provide them a consolidated report for salary processing.

Solution Provided

We provided the client, TimeCheck, time & attendance management system with employee transfer module. This specialized feature configured in the attendance management application facilitates employee’s current branch manager to transfer that particular employee’s attendance punch to another branch effortlessly. As per requirement, now they can generate consolidated work report for an employee from the branch where he is currently working. This report will furnish employees entire month wise time & attendance punch details.


  • Easily handle employee transfer between branches
  • Recurring Manual task got automated
  • Need not spend time to collect attendance data from each branch
  • Prepare consolidated reports accurately
  • Easily adopts to organization policy