Time & Attendance Software Helps Employee Shift Scheduling Effortless

Many business managers are facing trouble to create a shift schedule that does satisfy business needs and that of employee preferences. Even organization that remains understaffed during busy business hrs or not able to capture the availability of potential employees for work are in trouble of losing customer satisfaction. Shift scheduling for huge no of staffs using manual methods may look disorganized and not so logical, one solution to overcome all the above said scenarios is implementing Time & attendance tracking software that supports to create an organized schedule that works for everyone.

Our time check software is one such attendance management software wherein you have various customer centric features to give you the required flexibility. By owning Timecheck Software even IT corporate companies having flexi shift, hybrid work model has made their T&A monitoring systematic. Recently we offered our Timecheck software for a Business Analytics Company in Chennai with literally 3000+ employee size serving clients to harness the power of data and analytics.

Today managers seek attendance tracking software that solve most of the problems mentioned above. By enabling Mobile Application Clock in feature employers could easily handle employees in multiple shifts and consider the attendance corrections requested by the employees. To save time & effort of HR Managers install a T&A attendance software that helps managers to assign shift schedules from their phones, receive on the go request changes sent by employees. This custom software feature will stop scheduling a user for shifts once they have fulfilled their minimum hours per week.

This approach is more technologically advanced and is reliable to keep employees productive and happy. Implementing attendance management software and managing the attendance of employees on Leave, Permission, On duty, Late will facilitate you to ensure that all the shifts have adequate human resources

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Employee Shift and Overtime Management Solution Offered to Warehouse & Distribution Company

Without an advanced employee attendance management system, the company was facing difficulty to manage their shift pattern & multiple shifts they follow. Shift change request handling & overtime allocation hrs on a sequential basis was quite cumbersome for HR team. With huge no of employee count the shift change, OT Management request has raised by 33% in recent times.

To save time, reduce paper work, keep accurate attendance records, and eliminate process bottlenecks they adopted our Timecheck software an automated attendance management software. Our team of professional’s did customization works to match the software address their company rules, keep track of employee regular work hours, multiple shift time, overtime and configured group based weekends, shifts, holiday calendar etc.

  • This easy to use software was configured to provide HR Manager the access required to track employees working in real time and know exact employee work hrs.
  • This mobile enabled application allowed client to do appropriate Shift planning for employees and see to the company is staffed with right skilled employees at each shift and is operational at all times.
  • Helped them reduce unplanned overtime cost be in compliance with labor regulations and company policies.
  • Decreases labor costs by enforcement of HR policies and by minimizing difficulties when it comes to employee scheduling.

With Timecheck Software being installed they were able to reduce shift-planning errors and lowers labor costs. This supports employees to nurture both their physical and mental wellbeing to be in balance with their work schedules, resulting in worker satisfaction and employee experience.

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Timecheck Software Served a Government Entity with job card integrated attendance

Timecheck Software having worked with numerous clients on their employee attendance tracking technology has recently joined hands with a Government entity to meet up both general and specific requirements with respect to employee attendance tracking. Actually by following obsolete employee attendance monitoring methods they had to deal with frustrated employees, payroll errors and certain other hassles they were keen to arrest.

But now having implemented our Time & attendance management software with custom features & attendance policies they could easily & effortlessly manage the attendance of overall 4000 Plus employees. This advanced solution enabled HR Managers to manage multiple shift patterns & set various shift rules for each employee category. Everything including rotation & fixed shifts, flexi shifts assigned to each employee in different departments were captured and work hrs report against each project task is captured & paid in accordance with the rules that apply.

Further to it, our solution also helped the human resource management department to

  • Enforce their policy & thereby balance employee absences correctly to improve operational efficiencies
  • Centralize attendance data & plan module wise user access configuration to meet operational needs & eliminate manual headaches.
  • Monitor employee attendance / performance by visualizing total work hrs utilized against in hand (allotted Hrs) for each particular job/ task completion through job card punch done
  • Automate Incentive receivable eligibility for employees, on task completed earlier to the allocation hrs specified in the job card
  • This Job card in and job card out will allow managers/ supervisors to know about work progressed during that day and help them to more closely look into timely completion of the assigned job.

Obviously, this is a simple way to indicate the number of hours worked by a given employee. Today by Integrating project wise job card against the regular attendance monitoring solution they could get a tighter control of the hours that employees work and exclusively measure their productivity on a day for a particular task.

Benefits of Job card Integrated Attendance Management

  • Saves operational cost by 36%
  • Improve user management and visibility by 38%
  • Improve productivity and benefits by 26%
  • Reduces stress, saves time and improves accuracy
  • Measure task progress in line to particular project that day
  • Receive insights into employee productivity helps handle operations efficiently
  • Company policy allotment and reports

Interested to check out its custom features that will save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors that are often made by wrong attendance calculations.

Simplified Shift allocation solution offered for garment manufacturing Industry client

Shift scheduling in call centers, Hotels, Factories, Hospitals are always a real challenging task. Many workers in garment manufacturing and fashion textiles are experiencing extremely long working hours and are often required to do overtime or do double shift understanding the urgency. After lockdown, all textile bodies are putting new practices, technology into place to be competitive and one notable change they did is deploying Time & attendance management software, especially for shift rostering and dealing with unexpected changes in the planned shift.

With large number of workers’ manual shift scheduling weekly took time, besides creating a work schedule that suits both business and workforce can be still more challenging. So to implement consistent shift patterns whenever possible they purchased our Timecheck’s Shift Scheduling Solution that enabled them to maintain a predictable schedule that ended up saving them more than just a chunk of change. This change enabled their HR Manager & Department to keep their employees happy and engaged with their organization, in specific – the employers said they could see the following benefits

  1. Reassign shifts without any hassle
  2. Save Operational cost by 32%
  3. Improve user management and visibility by 35%
  4. Improve productivity and benefits by 26%
  5. Cost of replacing an employee got saved by 16% of their annual salary

Timecheck helped shift-based companies to have necessary manpower on production unit, have a regular schedule, minimize the rate of absenteeism and enable employees to form better professional relationships. By using our Time & attendance software HR is able to schedule shifts of an employee for a whole month, allocate auto shift for certain set of employee who are authorized by HOD’s, also do specific changes like change the already scheduled shift to another shift for a single day.

This shift scheduling flexibility allowed HR’s / supervisors to overcome the headaches over the years and keep tracking of everything that would make the entire process efficient. This easy and effective shift management solution made things easier for everyone. Shift managers can always ensure every shift is staffed by the people with the necessary skills and “roles”.

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Why a technology company implemented the automated policy based Access Control?

Businesses and industries all over the world are constantly adapting to meet the challenges that are arising now and then while operating in the world’s fluctuating markets. Security and safety are key factors that management have to address daily and more of them are adopting the digital and software based solutions to overcome issues that affect them, even in the case of human resources.

Large organisations have a sizeable employee workforce and those taking up multiple shifts need to be managed with a time and attendance software that have various modules to cater to the requirements, objectives and the processes of the organisation. Entry for each employee is based on the role of the employee and related to the policy and practice of the company, and based on the levels of security they maintain.

Defining PBAC and ABAC for users or employees to automate it.

Policy based access control (PBAC) also known as Attribute based access control (ABAC) is based on an access control paradigm of the organization where access rights are granted to users or employees, through the use of policies. The system combines attributes together for managing user access to one or many systems and for automation.

Timecheck software, a next generation enterprise grade web & mobile enabled time and attendance management software provides automated access control customized to the company’s policy and business objectives. This was provided to the world’s second largest technology company which Implemented the tailor-made Policy Based Access Control solution to manage their 6000+ employees.

How the company benefited by implementing the Customized solution

Earlier the company had no control in finding the employees who were deviating from the company’s various attendance policies. They needed one system and had to get it integrated with their applications for auto understanding the employee shift allocation and to create controls in the Access Control system.

The company an electronics appliance manufacturer had more than 6,000 employees on multiple shifts. It was difficult to maintain the company policy of restricting the employees to work within the various time limits like Weekly, Monthly Work Hours Limit & Month, Qtr Overtime Limits as per both the combination of Organization & Government Norms. So the company needed this automated solution to monitor and streamline the employee work deviation problem. The IT Manager involved needed a solution to work closely with the Access Control Application and enable the full-fledged control system of allowing and restricting the employees into the premises.

Timecheck is packed with advanced features to automate and rollout Organization Policy and reduce administrative burdens. The software is developed innovatively along with Web API service of access control with custom & special features for TimeCheck application.

To know more about this module in the Timecheck web-based software, please contact us, or leave us an enquiry.

Field Staff Attendance Tracking Solution reduces admin operational cost & increased field sales team productivity

We could see Large FMCG companies with high sales / service workforce spending most of the work hrs at client places. One of the leading FMCG company we worked with recently for our Timecheck software integration found out employee time & attendance tracking software extremely good to record remote attendance of their field employees at client location. Earlier they had challenge in tracking field employee attendance, to say for example whether they are starting their day in the right time in the client place

By using our custom built Timecheck software department manager / admin can access all the information related to their sales / service team attendance, reducing their dependency on the HR department. This software associated with mobile enabled tracking eliminates the manual errors and contributes to organizations overall efficiency.

Now, these sales / service team employees can do check in & check out from client place, further to it, a newly added feature they asked to include in this already available module is provision to submit attendance only along with current location snap. Later to it, attendance data of the employee will automatically be moved to the web application along with the photo he uploaded.

Thinking of managing employee attendance for remote sales / service teams without this geo based attendance tracking can be difficult. Investing in this live field employee attendance monitoring software system that tracks attendance along with the location / client location details improves customer satisfaction & helps gain repeat business opportunities. With a mobile based attendance tracking software like Timecheck you can cut the work for HR managers and other employers.

FMCG companies willing to implement our attendance tracker app and try out these features can contact us. We will help you get to monitor and manage your workforce and ensure that your team is performing at its peak efficiency.

Timecheck Software offered Weekoff Management Solution for a Retail Store in Arabian Gulf Country

The leading group in the Arabian Gulf-Oman, playing a key role in multiple sectors of the economy enquired us on a requirement to integrate the Access control system and Time Attendance to do a complete monitoring of various complex shifts, they follow.

Actually they just had an access control biometric device installed and with that Hardware device alone they weren’t able to track the attendance policies they were following. Doing things manually by their HR Manager for 750 + no of employees monthly in two different branches ultimately obstructs their productivity and they weren’t able to focus on strategic initiatives.

To overcome this pain and to automate this attendance tracking process with company’s policies, procedures they enquired us on their requirement to integrate the access control system and our custom designed Time Attendance Application. Our TimeCheck Software solution enabled them to set Different holiday sets, shift timings and weekly-off schedules at individual, department or location level.

  • Set week offs daily for different set of employees
  • Add Public Holiday list & restricted holidays
  • Complete flexibility to configure working schedules as per norms
  • Easily set up leave policies for branch employees

Now, with modern Timecheck software they have reduced the dull, repetitive, and mistake-prone work of HR team. By using this comprehensive software HR administrator can reduce company risk, increase employee and above all transform HR administration.

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Comprehensive Calendar that Streamline HOD approval workflows & saves time

Employee absenteeism affects organization more than any other costs. This problem needs to be addressed immediately and carefully, as unaccounted and untracked absenteeism costs largely when productivity & morale gets lost.  For HR team managing employee attendance is one of the significant responsibility and to do this in an efficient manner HR Managers need a proper time tracking software that allows them to monitor their Team Members attendance at single shot.

As discussed above, there are numerous problems associated with the unscheduled and untracked absence of the employees. For this in particular Timecheck software has advanced analytics that sheds light on opportunities for improvement and allows HOD’s for more intelligent decision making. With the right tools, transparency is increased and HR need not individually navigate to the reports and spend time to get the information.

“My- Calendar –Team” a newly introduced feature to our software allows HR/ Admin to view the attendance status of whole Organization at one shot like No of Present / No of Absent / No of Leave on Session wise.  Even the most necessary option, privilege is assigned for HODs to monitor their team member’s attendance at single shot.

We usually look at inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the attendance tracking process and help with exploring feature possibilities. Our comprehensive Solution helps the organizations avoid numerous direct and indirect costs associated with it by enabling HOD’s to get the Team Members current attendance status at single shot.

To inculcates the benefits of attendance tracking system and cover a wide range of concerns like absenteeism, time discipline, time accounting, workforce management, productivity, etc. contact us. We will help you to get the best attendance management software that can make a huge difference in how well the time tracking process works in your company.

Integration of Time & attendance Management software solution with a leading OEM Biometric Device seller increased sales

Partners of a business and their network plays a crucial role in the industry in terms of wider reach. Technology companies runs a partner program with set of initiatives designed to connect with other industry counterparts. The global biometric market is booming and expanding at an unprecedented rate.

“Now more than ever, consumers expect brands to offer personalized and seamless experiences,” Biometric technology may not be new but its application is becoming more and more widespread in everyday life.

To compete effectively in the dynamic marketplace today, one of the leading OEM Biometric devices provider have approached us to Integrate their Hardware device with our TimeCheck application. In fact, we are deliberately happy to share with you that they have chosen us after seeing our expertise & long term dedicated journey in T&A domain. Having heard about the various modules & functions of our application they decided to collaborate and achieve more than they previously thought was possible

Based on their requests and considering the extensive Business Opportunities we worked for a week time and successfully completed the Integration of TimeCheck with OEM biometric device. This partnership enabled them to offer fully integrated & automated solution that ensures accurate reporting of attendance data on time as per business requirement. By now we are delighted   to share with you that they are one of our valuable Business Channel Partner in India and Specifically winning a quick and good business deals In the western part of India

Our white labeled attendance management software is highly reliable & feasible for customers looking for advanced solutions that add value to their productivity & increase employee morale. Every client has unique requirement, so we provide highly-skilled technical support that fits in your budget as well enables you to reach desire goal. Interested to know more drop an enquiry, our sales team will get in touch.

We pride serving Top listed Fortune Global Company automating their employee’s Attendance Management

Timecheck software being pioneers in providing attendance tracking software solutions have worked with various types of organizations that are unique in their needs. Our customized solutions have brought the company policy into place, besides made life easier for everyone. This custom build T&A software solution from Timecheck integrates with most biometric & smartcard terminals and even with touchless face recognition, access control, Iris devices to automate workflows and save your precious time and money.

Owning a Customized Employee Time & Attendance Software has many advantages when implemented in a corporate company with huge no of employees. Our Timecheck team having heard the corporate client’s problem of difficulty to handle their HR policy for different scenario for about 15,000 + employees, we came up with a solution that meet all their demands.

We understood that ordinary access control & time entry module alone not enough. So to meetup with their needs we provided them our employee time tracking software, customized with value added modules to meet up their demands.

  • Region wise statutory attendance and leave register
  • Handle Punch not done continuously for 7 days in a week
  • Automatically Lock “shift in” if Weekly Overtime exceeded the defined Hrs
  • Quarterly OT Lock options were configured as per policy
  • This advanced Time & Attendance Monitoring Software enabled them to do a complete monitoring of any deviation from the timing scheduled for every individual employee in the Gate & Plant.
  • Handle every complexity they have defined in the policy to meet up industrial regulatory compliance, by triggering alert messages and blocking the employee automatically whenever they are getting deviated from factory norms.

Employee attendance tracker is crucial for every business that wants to track employee hours and manage pay. It doesn’t mean you’re spying on them on the other hand it’s an effective software application that help organizations better plan employee shifts, Paid leaves, Unpaid leaves, Sick leaves etc. By making attendance management digital you could enhance your organizations over-all productivity, even if your employees are geographically dispersed.

No matter what type of business you have or what industry you’re in, based on your requirements, we can provide customized solution that enable manage all your employee time & attendance. Contact us or leave us a message, we will call you.