Work from Home Attendance Solution for Remote Teams

Before coronavirus, work-at-home was not in practice but now companies have made remote working accustomed to even non IT company employees. To avoid a similar fate in the future, and to resume work smoothly few companies consider offering the work-from-home option to employees, and help them manage both his personal time and official commitments. The tech industry that is well known for its flexible schedules even struggles shortage of talent at times and looks for remote employees.

To help you easily manage your remote employee’s accountability to assigned task & get the productivity Configure WFH policy. Few companies that want to deliver value for clients at the same time keep employee morale high thinks of defining WFH policy to employees. Recent Survey’s state even in Post COVID situation, more employers will let some employees do it some of the time, for this Time & attendance software has enhanced their attendance management software application with the new module wherein employers can decide the allowed days for each category of employees as for leave policies.

Now, even in future to engage employees willing to have work-life balance can apply for WFH and respective approval authorities of the department can review the request from his team member and based on eligibility can either approve or deny. On approval employee attendance will be automatically posted from the hours he/she logged in the Timesheet. WFH, especially gives the privilege to log the hours based on the tasks not specifically on the time.

To know more about WFH option in Timecheck software application or set up timesheet for Project tasks related time management for remote employees contact us.

Integrate timecheck software & get immigration compliance of your employees notified

In Today’s times we could see most organization having time and attendance tracking software in place. While automating time and attendance make sure that your time and attendance tracking system has features that suit your specific needs, help you better comply with labor laws and company policies. As workplaces change HR needs to submit multiple reports to the stakeholders for processing. Our secure web-based Timecheck software helps organizations of any size to streamline the HR processes and enables them engage with their employees more efficiently and accurately. HR onboarding/off boarding employees has never been easier, the whole process is reduced to a matter of minutes.

Especially our applications have served Middle east region client’s to maintain worker’s passport, visa expiry details. This is a critical activity for HR department to have these details exactly to make decisions, Earlier the application will store these info, admin, HR need to view the employee module for the details. But now, we have made improvements so as to get the notifications with the details whose passport / visa is going to expire. HR will get automatic in various durations like 2 months, 1 months even 3week durations which will really help the admin or HR to take action further on the visa details.

This enhancement to the application ensures the workers job continuity with the Organization. Apart from the above, this feature helps business stability, we make customization as applicable to the organization. Organizations that aim to improve the productivity and efficiency of the business through automation of manual and repetitive tasks can contact us. We can see to offer solution that frees up the HR team’s time.

Benefits of Mobile enabled Employee Time & attendance app feature in Timecheck

We all know Monitoring the attendance of employees at work has numerous benefits, especially for those organization that has employed field sales. With innovative technologies improvements are being made quite often to the employee attendance tracking software.  Research states organization using an employee attendance tracking app increases efficiency and productivity to a great extent. Capturing attendance of marketing executive is now being enabled in Timecheck software using mobile clock in & clock out feature.

Time and attendance software enables business to track and manage employees’ time from various aspects. This in fact is a boon for field employees to log in their attendance anytime directly through their phone, eliminates falsifying of attendance by a remote employee. Workers in the field can punch in wherever they may be & by using it the managers can track the field sales representatives’ attendance from their mobile app itself.

Further customization done to the software is if any field employee is not going out for their works 3 to 4 days means that time alone the admin / hr / department head can disable the mobility attendance and the marketing staffs will be given provision to log their attendance through the premise biometric devices for certain days alone.

To know more about the features in Timecheck software’s  mobile enabled time & attendance tracking app contact us.

Software upgraded to Track employee overtime cost with multiple slab pay rule

Overtime represents additional costs; it might drain your bottom line if not managed correctly. Timecheck’s Employee Time & attendance management software present you an all in one solution that shoulder overtime work, shift swapping, and resource management. By installing this automated software Organizations can administer the overtime & keeping track of it without any mess-up. To Improve employee morale, performance, control OT costs etc manufacturers are investing in technologies that will accurately get authorities approval for the overtime wages.

Improvements are done consistently to the software based on user experience and specific calculation mechanism. Recent upgrade we have done to the time tracking software app is introducing the new functionality as Special OT1 and Special OT2 under Overtime and Comp-off configuration module. Based on client’s unique requirement single OT work will carry various rates, we provided three segments of overtime payment (1st 2 hrs normal OT rate, next 3hrs will be special overtime rate1 and remaining all hours will be special overtime rate2)  for employee payroll calculation.

To, resolve existing grievances and to configure weekly overtime threshold as 40 hours and maintain multiple pay rule for each overtime type Contact us.

Dynamic Shift Management Solution Provided for a Manufacturing Industry

The changing environment of manufacturing industries demands Companies need to remain agile to keep up with the pace of global market economy. Dynamic shift management solution from TimeCheck helps manufacturing companies to avoid last-minute scheduling delays. With this auto shift scheduler feature manufacturing Industry clients can be prepared for predictive scheduling regulations, this boosts both employee engagement and the bottom line.

Implementing smart and effective shift management based on delivery demands helps any industry on the production side to improve their productivity. Latest improvement we have done to our Time Management Software Application is enabling department heads, Hr Mangers to keep manage shift in attendance for each employee without sticking to any certain shift policy, as almost it will occur on unplanned basis.

Recent updates to this auto shift scheduler module is automatically allocating the shift based on the First shift in punch for certain employee, for each of the other the Hr Managers and HOD’s can  decide and allocate what are all the eligible shifts then the Timecheck software application  will systematically follow the attendance rules and able to mark the Late’s,  Early Exits, Overtime’s  etc.

Now the hassle of keep doing the shift plan preparation, Shift change requests handling and Shift Exchange requests has been removed upto 90%. System will be automatically working on the attendance reporting. Managing of discrepancies alone needs to be handled by HOD and HR. To know more on the various features of this attendance management software contact us.

Simplified Shift Scheduling Software for Employees

As business grows the complexity with respect to shift scheduling also raises. Using spreadsheets time consuming, error prone and accommodating last-minute changes is time consuming & stressful. TimeCheck software of ANGLER is prebuilt with an ideal feature wherein the shift manager of a Textile Mill or a Garment Manufacturing Unit can effectively manage each of these things and thus foster efficient workforce management.

Now the default pre shift allocation module isn’t enough for clients to accommodate the changing trend. Recently one of our client preferred to customize & have the shift allocation feature of Our Time & attendance software, as Employees were asked to come on different timing on different day based on raw materials availability, power utilization. The challenge here they faced was the HR manager; admin team didn’t have any control on the workers shift time confusions are rising during payroll time. HR manager had to check it, get it verified to avoid discrepancies.

So now, to overcome the time consuming work we incorporated a new feature “Auto shift Scheduler” where Hr can configure multiple time slots for single shift. Now the software will automatically assign the relevant shift (based on shift in time) to all the workers without manual intervention. No doubt, Auto Shift Scheduler not only reduces the work pressure also helps to Spotify the workers deviating from the allocated shift. This improves data Accuracy as well saves time. Since there is no need to verify about workers Shift in Time along with the allocated shifts you can driving productivity, and even ensuring compliance.

To get more info about our time management solution that’s significant to make your life easier contact us.

Feature Enhancement To Get Day-Wise Attendance Data Accurately On-Time

In this era, digitally-savvy customers really want to know what’s in the application for them and how it would benefit them. ANGLER being a customer centric company believes to maintain an edge in the market by offering TimeCheck product with so many unique features that are perceived by the target market as significant and superior to the competition. To draw in customer’s attention & show a differentiation from other similar product we use to work on regular basis to directly address prospect’s pain points.

For any specific problem that a prospective customer’s business would experience we have a viable solution. Every month HR manager of many companies face valid discrepancies on the employee’s attendance at the time of payroll process. Monthly it’s a daunting task to validate, cross check each discrepancies and close it timely so as to avoid the cost associated with it.

Recently, we have enhanced the existing my calendar module in our TimeCheck Software product, it will display the date wise attendance like present, absent, leave, holiday, weekly off, hours worked, exception hours in a single shot. We can also enable clients to access my calendar module using one common login in a system and it can be made accessible for all users in the company. Likewise, employees can approach the payroll manager for taking action to their discrepancies then and there. It not only saved time for organization with large no of employees but also lead to provide accurate data for payroll processing.

To know more about this robust attendance management software, make life easier for HR manager, employees happier, and your payroll accounts cleaner.

Prevent Losing Money By Configuring Break Times as Required for Shifts

Consumers always look for a software that is specific to their personal or business needs. Our well defined & mature application is enhanced further to meet the exact needs of the business. We regularly update our time & attendance tracking software product with new features and also as per your company attendance rules.

Recently for a garment manufacturing segment where workers work on multiple shifts, we have customized our attendance software to calculate productive working hours, especially the break hours’ calculation can be done in two ways, one is it can be pre-defined in the shift timing itself and another is the actual break punches kept by the workers.

To suite client’s requirement, we have made a new configuration enabling the break hours to be system considered from respective shift or can be taken manually from break punches. Now due to this feature the admin / HR department can choose to opt between the two options available and make their decision which shift need to be configured for automatic break hrs deduction and which shift need to be configured for manual break hrs deductions.

By using this feature HR / admin team can analyze productivity & based on it they can go with manual break punch hour deducting concept for the shift that is not productive due to employee taking more break hrs. To deploy a custom tailored time and attendance system that has been customized to fit your business need contact us & see how we can prevent losing money from the inaccuracy of time calculation.

Shift Allowances in TimeCheck Software Saves Organization Cost

Many industries having heavy production schedule and will operate around the clock (24/7), will have multiple shifts for employees to work on. Shift Scheduling and Shift Rostering is the most common challenge faced by production managers. Poor shift scheduling on shop floor will increase operating costs, sometimes even employee turnover happens if accuracy of the calculations fails.

Paper based rostering is becoming increasingly inefficient in the modern workplace as its very open to inaccuracies. Generally, Industries that do employee scheduling with automated time and attendance software having shift rostering feature can get their shifts and work schedules just right, by accessing key decision-making criteria which includes staffing requirements to increase efficiency as well work-life balance.

To address overtime payment for these employees TimeCheck has designed shift allowances module wherein HR Manager could review the additional hours that employee worked after the shift and in which shift he worked. Further, it also has specialty feature to eliminate headaches, meet the multiple pay rates of the allowance that varies based on shift worked & hours worked (for 2Hrs, 4Hrs or 6Hrs and over 6Hrs & particular shift).

Implementing TimeCheck employee scheduling software that offers all the features mentioned above can save 70 percent of manager’s time spend dealing with administrative issues. To know more about TimeCheck, reputable time & attendance system please contact us, or leave us an enquiry.

Advantages of “Analytical Reports” in TimeCheck Software

For a small sized industry or business, with a minimum employee strength, extracts of analytical reports may not be required by the HR department for its functioning. At the same time, if the strength of the workforce is above 100, various types of analytical /reports, such as employee schedule vs achieved hours, employee count by locations, monthly exit count vs early turnover count, etc. will be required for resource & payroll management.

To keep pace with evolving demands TimeCheck product team has brought in analytical reports for tracking insights on to trends. Employee time and attendance reports have an important role to play and if these are missed to be followed, it would become a critical problem. It is especially so if the organization is part of the production industry and for the production managers and HR managers. The latest improvement in the ANGLER TimeCheck software is the three new reports have been included.

  • Analytical of Employee Monthly Exit Count Vs Early
  • Cumulative Work Week Hours
  • Employee Count by Locations Reports

The analytical reports would be executed and extracted for any required dates and months, based on the shift configuration. Added feature enables department manager to quickly have an overview.

  • Managers can observe records of employees regarding early exists ton shifts, along with counts, against the weekly achieved hours, over the allocated shift hours, for the selected week.
  • Easily update the weekly notice board, regarding the deviated employee details, on week-wise basis.
  • Avoiding/preventing early exits and help to meet weekly scheduled work hours amongst workers.

To know more about this additional feature in the TimeCheck software please contact us.