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Shift Management

Shift Management Software of TimeCheck facilitates you to optimize shift scheduling effectively and efficiently. This feature ensures you to plan and schedule employee shifts without any complication ensuring a smooth process flow. It bridges the communication gap that can happen over manual methods and proactively manages and tracks employee shifts.

With this feature, you can define all possible shifts that are suitable for your organization, allocate temporary shifts. In addition to shift time management, you can also state break timings and monitor them to improve workforce productivity. TimeCheck is also facilitated with advanced shift pattern and shift roster features to manage complex shifts for large set of employees with a single click.

Improved Shift Allocation – Import & Export

Functional updates performed allows authorized user to import the shift details & weekly off details using CSV import. In addition, facilitates the user to modify the already allocated shifts in a user friendly manner. Helps the authorized user to export the allocated shift details organization wise (Company Branch Department) in CSV & XLS format.

Shift Modification

This Module facilitates the authorized user to modify the already allocated shifts in a grid view & latest modified shift will be updated in the Shift Allocation module in an effortless manner. While viewing the shift allocation details along with shift short name the timing can also be integrated in the grid view.

Shift Exchange (Shift Roster)

This module facilitates the authorized user to exchange shifts between two employees to simply swap the shift of the two employees planned.

Improved Shift Management

Shift settings menu is now separated into two portions, as General and Overtime Configuration. Based on the organization need the shift setting details can be configured. Instead of filling all the details at single shot the general configurations can be saved initially then later on Overtime configuration can be configured.

Menu Grouping has been done based on Module functionality [For example – Shift related masters, Transactions & Reports has been grouped together under Shift Management]