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Time & Attendance Management Solutions for an Industrial Investment Group

Time & Attendance Management Solutions for an Industrial Investment Group

The client is an established industrial investment group based on UAE, who have implemented some of the most successful projects in UAE region in fields as diverse as medical devices, tissue paper production, weaving, technology transfer and business consulting.

Business Requirement

As employees can work in flexible timings, the client wanted a provision to include or neglect the extra hours worked before shift or after shift for overtime calculations.

Exception hours have to be calculated for flexible timing employees and report has to be generated.

User defined remarks for specific customized punches like smoke out, personal out has to be provided so that the details of the employee punches can be displayed under the corresponding remarks in the report.

Solution Offered

Provision to disable or enable before shift or after shift working hours of flexible timing employees has been provided. As the employees have flexible timing options, they may come before shift time or work even after shift time but if the organization feels the worked hours is not productive then the Overtime Time worked hours can be skipped from the salary calculation.

All the exception reports have been loaded in the configuration screen, depending on the selection it will be calculated and displayed in the respective reports.

Separate table has been provided to furnish the required User defined remarks for some customized punches and depending on the employee punch ID received by the system the respective remarks will be automatically updated in the respective employee’s report.


  •  Overtime calculation can be evaluated & sanctioned based on the employee productivity
  • Employee’s entry, exit and break timings report can be generated and evaluated.
  • Follow the trends of employee flexible timing utilization.
  • The control on flexible timing employees increases the overall work productivity.
  • Customize, map and distinguish the different kinds of punches employees make.