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Time & Attendance Solution with Face Recognition System at Multiple Units to Improve Productivity and for Time Saving

Time & Attendance Solution

Time & Attendance Solution with Face Recognition System at Multiple Units to Improve Productivity and for Time Saving


The fast-paced world of manufacturing is dynamic and optimizing workforce management is crucial for enhancing productivity and streamlining operations. The need of a cutting-edge Time & Attendance System with Face Recognition technology of a prominent Hydraulic Pumps & Hoses manufacturer with multiple units brought them to us for a solution.

 The Problem Outline:

The client faced several challenges in tracking employee attendance and managing various shifts across five units in two locations. The existing biometric devices in each block were manually managed by HR department, causing discrepancies and inefficiencies, leading to a decline in productivity. Perceptibly, the absence of a centralized system for admin office employees and the inability to handle official visits and leave requisitions further compounded the problem. Manual interventions in shift allocation and discrepancies occurring in attendance data created operational bottlenecks.

 The Solution Summary:

Recognizing the issues, we offered our time and attendance software with a modular and tailored solution, focusing on their core business needs. The software integrated ZK and eSSL biometric devices across multiple units, enabling live centralized attendance management. The software platform offered real-time shift planning, discrepancy headcount reporting, and dynamic attendance policies. Customized for the manufacturing industry, the solution facilitated seamless integration with various hardware devices and allowed for a data-driven approach to decision-making process.


  • Centralized Attendance Management: Integration of Zk and eSSL devices across multiple locations with handling of official visits, advance leave requests, and permissions.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Reduction of manual errors in shift allocation. Production Manager involvement in attendance confirmation is minimized.
  • Tailor-Made Solution: Customized time and attendance application compatible with various market devices, with dynamic attendance policies for different staff categories.
  • Operational Efficiency: Centralized implementation for 3200 active employees led to cost savings of 32%.
  • User Management and Visibility: Improved user management and visibility by 36%.
  • Mobile Integration: Mobile app integration alongside the web application for time and attendance system.
  • Seamless Payroll Integration: Integration of final monthly output into any payroll ERP systems.

By addressing challenges of attendance tracking, shift planning, and leave management, the company saw big improvements in operational efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction. Contact us for more details.

Our Time and Attendance Application with cloud capability helped in addressing the complex challenges faced by our client in managing multiple locations, complex shift planning, and attendance-based compensation.

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