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Time & Attendance Solution Customized for a Hospital Sector Client

Time & Attendance Solution

Time & Attendance Solution Customized for a Hospital Sector Client


The client is a prominent player in the Hospital industry and specializes in Orthopedic & Arthritis Care. With a strong commitment to providing top-notch healthcare services, they are dedicated to addressing the unique medical needs of their patients and staff in healthcare. However, they were facing certain challenges related to time and attendance management, which made them seek an innovative solution from us.

The Problem Outline:

In the unique environment of the Hospital industry, our client, specializing in Orthopaedic & Arthritis Care, faced several challenges. They relied solely on eSSL Hardware for attendance tracking but managed shift allotment manually using Excel sheets. Overtime (OT) payments were made weekly, requiring a separate Duty Register. Managing multiple shift requests and permissions efficiently was becoming increasingly problematic. The manual tracking and updating of attendance data made it challenging to ensure hours were completed as needed by the staff.

The Solution Summary:

To address these challenges, TIMECHECK proposed a comprehensive Time and Attendance solution. The key objectives were to integrate and centralize attendance management, streamline the communication between the Head of Departments (HODs) and HR, and reduce manual work. The solution provided a web-hosted platform with various attendance input options, including Biometric and Face Recognition devices, as well as Manual Entry. It offered a clear and dynamic attendance policy management system, adaptable from one department to another, with support for different shifts and compensation policies. Some of the key features are:

  • Exclusive platform to manage the deployed employee’s time and attendance effectively with various modes of attendance inputs
    • Clear dynamic attendance policies can be managed from Department to Department along with different shifts and compensation policies


  • Improved accuracy and efficiency in OT payments
  • Time savings for Sr. Doctors in charge and Head of Labs in planning their team’s work
  • Streamlined attendance and compensation reporting
  • Elimination of the need for multiple applications with one solution
  • Enhanced transparency and manageability in attendance tracking and reporting

Our Time and Attendance solution proved to be the right solution by addressing the unique pain points. We provided a web-hosted, all-in-one solution that saved time, enhanced attendance management, and offered a clear compensation reporting system. To know more about how web-hosted Time and Attendance solutions can transform and optimize operations in the hospital industry Contact Us.