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Advance Shift Planning through Auto Shift improves the Production Plan and Deliverable Forecast

Leave Attendance Management Solution

Advance Shift Planning through Auto Shift improves the Production Plan and Deliverable Forecast


A prominent manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) needed to address its complex workforce management challenges. Amidst the dynamic operational landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, efficient Time & Attendance management emerged as a crucial need for our client.

The Problem Outline:

The client faced significant hurdles in managing shift based employee attendance and leave policies effectively. Central to their concerns was the accurate tracking of shift-based employee attendance and leave management. In particular, the existing system lacked the flexibility to accommodate scenarios where employees continued working beyond their designated hours, leading to discrepancies in time and attendance records and challenges in determining overtime eligibility.

Additionally, the absence of a streamlined process for managing leave carryover exacerbated administrative burdens and hindered the efficient utilization of workforce resources. These pain points not only hindered operational efficiency but also posed compliance risks and incurred unnecessary costs for the organization.

The Solution Summary:

We responded by offering a comprehensive Time and Attendance (T&A) Solution tailored to the intricacies of the manufacturing industry. Leveraging a modular approach, the solution offered dynamic shift creation options, empowering the client to adapt to varying workforce demands. Moreover, the solution incorporated customizable policies to address the client’s specific requirements, including the management of overtime and leave carryover. Integration with Suprema biometric devices enabled centralized time and attendance tracking, ensuring accuracy and real-time visibility into workforce activities.

Advanced features such as Auto Shift further enhanced planning and forecasting capabilities, empowering managers to optimize production shift schedules effectively. With a focus on efficiency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness, the solution provided the tools necessary to overcome the client’s workforce management challenges and drive operational excellence.


  • Improved time-saving by 35% through effective employee’s shift management and overtime management.
  • Enhanced productivity by 29% by streamlining time and attendance processes.
  • 37% reduction in operational costs through centralized implementation.
  • 26% decrease in overtime expenses, avoiding penalties and extraneous costs.
  • 100% customer satisfaction achieved with tailored solutions and seamless integration.
  • Enhanced user management and visibility, improving operational efficiency by 34%.

TimeCheck’s tailored Time and Attendance Software Solution is instrumental in revolutionizing workforce management by addressing critical pain points in pharmaceutical industry, such as shift management, leave policies, and productivity tracking, and This Time and Attendance Software System also contributed significantly to cost savings. To learn more – Just Contact Us.