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Advanced Time and Attendance System with a User-Friendly Application that Improves the Schedules of Training Institution

Advanced Time and Attendance System

Advanced Time and Attendance System with a User-Friendly Application that Improves the Schedules of Training Institution


Our client, a prominent Career Training & Career Building institution, has a long-standing commitment to nurturing maritime talent. With a focus on preparing individuals for successful careers in the maritime industry and sailing, they offer top-quality training programs run by qualified instructors. As they continued to expand their offerings, they faced challenges in efficiently managing attendance, particularly for a growing student base and multiple shifts. The Chief HR Manager recognized the need for a comprehensive time and attendance solution to modernize their processes and eliminate manual errors.

The Problem Outline

The institution’s attendance management relied heavily on manual processes and spreadsheets. With the launch of larger training batches and multiple shifts, tracking attendance became increasingly complex and prone to errors. The key pain points included:

  • Lack of a digital attendance system.
  • Needed implementation of Face Recognition hardware and integrated Time & Attendance (T&A) application.
  • Managing attendance for all three shifts of the organization was challenging.
  • Inefficient handling of permissions.
  • Errors in shift allocation due to manual follow-ups.
  • Transitioning from spreadsheet-based attendance to digital Time & Attendance with Face Recognition Devices.
  • The Chief HR Manager understood that addressing these challenges was crucial to maintaining the institution’s high standards and ensuring smooth operations.

The Solution Summary

To tackle these issues head-on, our client opted for an Advanced Time and Attendance System with a user-friendly application. The solution included:

  • Implementation of a digital Attendance Application with Face Recognition
  • A dedicated online platform to efficiently manage shifts based on predefined rules.
  • Real-time monitoring and instant dashboard reports for live updates.
  • Dynamic attendance policies tailored to different staff categories.
  • Streamlined management of overtime compliance to avoid penalties.

This comprehensive solution aimed to automate and simplify attendance tracking while ensuring data accuracy and policy compliance.


Error Reduction: Manual errors in attendance tracking were virtually eliminated, enhancing data accuracy.

Shift Management: The institution successfully managed attendance across all three shifts, for attendees and staff, reducing allocation errors.

Improved Efficiency: The new tracking system streamlined attendance processes, saving time and effort for HR personnel.

Overtime Compliance: The institution achieved improved compliance with regulations, avoiding penalties and notices.

Web-Based Access: The web-based application allowed both internal and external access, promoting flexibility and accessibility.

Integration: The Time & Attendance Application seamlessly integrates with various market devices and payroll ERP systems.

Mobile Accessibility: The availability of a mobile app further enhanced accessibility and convenience for users in the organisation.

The shift to a digital solution improved accuracy and also enhanced efficiency and compliance. Institution is now backed by a modern attendance management system that ensures precise record-keeping, timely decision-making, and seamless integration with payroll systems. The Chief HR Manager’s vision for a more efficient and error-free attendance system has been realized, thanks to the Timecheck software. To know more about Timecheck Contact Us.