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Employee Shift Management and Overtime Management System Improve Time Saving in the Cement Manufacturing Industry

Shift Management System

Employee Shift Management and Overtime Management System Improve Time Saving in the Cement Manufacturing Industry


In the fluctuating and demanding markets of the Cement Manufacturing Industry, efficient time and attendance management are critical for ensuring seamless operations and productivity at cement plants. Our Custom Time and Attendance Software was chosen by a client from this industry as it addressed key challenges faced by them.

The Problem Outline:

The client in cement manufacturing, known for its continuous production cycles, faced unique challenges in workforce management. The inability to effectively manage shifts, especially during night shifts and manage seamless transitions between consecutive shifts, was a persistent issue.

The absence of a systematic approach to managing leaves and permissions further complicated matters. HR department faced difficulties in capturing real-time attendance data, leading to discrepancies and manual errors in shift allocation added to their woes.

Production managers were burdened with the monthly ritual of confirming work team attendance and overtime hours, resulting in a decline in overall productivity. Manual follow-ups and errors in shift allocations were impacting resource utilization negatively. Managers were unable to manage continuous working shifts specifically if it was continued to the Night shift. They also needed to manage the Leave and Permissions systematically without errors.

The Solution Summary:

Recognizing that our Time and Attendance System effectively addressed these challenges comprehensively, we offered the software solution. The implementation of eSSL biometric devices across all plants ensured a centralized attendance system be formed. The software provided an exclusive platform for efficient shift management, addressing planned attendance and discrepancy headcounts immediately through live updates on a dynamic dashboard.

The system allowed for the formulation and management of clear, dynamic attendance policies across different staff categories, streamlining the entire attendance process. Overtime compliance, a significant concern in the industry, was made easy to handle, helping companies avoid penalties.

Our tailor-made solution offered compatibility with various market devices and a data-driven approach for timely decision-making. The integration of the web application provided flexibility and accessibility for workforce management at different locations. The final monthly output is seamlessly integrated with any payroll ERP system, enhancing overall efficiency.


  • Centralized implementation with eSSL biometric device integration across multiple units.
  • Operational cost savings of up to 36%.
  • Overtime costs reduced by 26%.
  • User management and visibility improved by 35%.
  • Overall productivity and benefits improved by 28%.

This Time and Attendance Software revolutionized workforce management, addressed existing challenges and also contributed significantly to cost savings, and improved productivity. To learn more about our Time and Attendance Solutions –  Contact Us.