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Attendane monitoring software for event management company


A leading event management company that provides corporate trainings programs & Industrial seminars Trainings, Business Meet, Conferences & Events for top companies in the world. Infact they have decades of experience in providing training services to the needs of various corporate clients including startups to well established enterprises, across the globe.

Business Requirement

Client needs to determine the actual time and attendance of the members who attends the Industrial Seminars / Trainings / Conferences etc., Scenarios include Half a day event, Full day event & events for more than a day. He wants to track attendees time and attendance event wise & date wise to report their organization.

Solution Provided

Here, the challenge we had to take up was enabling monitoring of attendees who may not be the same for various events organized & who may & may not attend the trainings as per given schedule. The solution we provided is Integrating our Timecheck Software Application with Bar code scanner

As the attendees vary for each and every Meetings / Seminars / Conferences the separate bar code placed Badge will be provided to the Meeting Attendees. While attendees enter into the Meeting / Seminar Hall the given Badge of the Attendees will be scanned and the Time will be logged into the system automatically. Similarly, when they come out of the Seminar / Meeting Hall the same badge scanning process will happen

Total In and Out hours of every individual can be monitored and so the total meeting / seminar hours of the attendee can be calculated and the report can be shared to the respective attendees Organization also for reference. If the particular seminar schedule is for more than a day means the same process will be followed for all 2days and the attendance will be captured.

This professional approach of the client has made them as the preferred partner to conduct their organization Industrial Training / Seminar meetings etc.

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  • Monitor Time & Attendance of various attendees for Seminars / Meetings and Conferences
  • For paid seminars the attendees attendance report will be shared to their organization
  • Feasibility to gather info on how many hours the respective attendee has attend the Seminar
  • If it is for days together, how many days the attendees present / absent details
  • Effectiveness review & processing data is simplified for event organizer
  • Adapts to the business rules & ensures data accuracy for reporting organizations

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