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Customization features done to Timecheck Application for a Healthcare Industry Client

Customization features done to Timecheck Application for a Healthcare Industry Client

Client is from Oman, belongs to healthcare sector. The hospital is designed to meet demands of the sultanate.

Business Requirement

The client requirement was to customize the time & attendance tracking software application to avoid payroll discrepancies & last minute workload beforehand. It must facilitate client to segregate employee wise attendance data on day to day basis, receive notifications of approval pending status and employee compensation quota generation based on employee request.

Solution Provided

Timecheck software application was customized as per clients need, a new e-mail triggering template was created for every employee. This template will provide details of employee Shift-In and shift-Out punch timings of previous day. If any employee has missed either shift in or shift out means, the trigger mail will direct him to raise the manual time entry immediately.

E- mail Trigger Option

On receiving a manual entry, the application will trigger a mail to the respective approval authority, he will be having a direct link to the approval screen for the same request. On receiving approval, mail will trigger to employee.

Notification to approval authority

Newly included Notification module notifies the approval authority about individual employees leave, Permission & On duty approval pending status. In fact, all the approval authorities will be getting notifications in the top right corner of the application & this will facilitate them to do it then & there without delays.

Quota for Comp-off days generation

The application is upgraded with a module where employee need to raise a request for Holiday and weekly off Worked days to get a compensation quota.


  • Any discrepancy found in attendance gets fixed by next day
  • Auto E-mail triggering option helps Employees /approval authorities
  • Approval authority is aware about all their notifications always when they Login
  • Compensation Application Module to generate a Compensation quota