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Effortlessly Manage Contract Workforce Job Reports & Monthly Payment Values

Attendance Software for Construction Industry

Effortlessly Manage Contract Workforce Job Reports & Monthly Payment Values

A leading construction company client in UAE region, witnessing steady growth due to administrative efficiency and technical strengths to adopt best in construction methods.

Business Requirement

Though the client has their own staffs / workers / supervisors sometimes they use to recruit some workforce from their regular contractors. The main difficulty is enrolling contract workers; the multiple jobs they are allocated with & calculating job wise payment settlement they have to do for the contractor in the month end.

Solution Provided

We customized our TimeCheck software with separate modules for contractor profile creation / work order creation / mapping contractors to work orders and mapping of workers to contractors. Now organization could easily create the various contractors, workers, work orders then do map work orders to contractor and workers to the contractors respectively.

With this customized feature even if employee works in various projects in a single day they could easy track the details of the worked hours and generate reports for doing monthly payment to the contractor.


  • Enroll Workers, contract workers, supervisors profile
  • Manage the time hours of various workers
  • View contractor wise job work payment report
  • Map work orders to contractor workers
  • Check employee total work hrs in a month
  • Sick leave approved / refused Info in any to be considered