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TimeCheck Helps You to Track Compensation of Late Entry Hours After Shift Time

TimeCheck Helps You to Track Compensation of Late Entry Hours After Shift Time

The client is from the IT industry, offers customized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions and is expanding its services with its skilled workforce.

Business Requirement

The organization has a policy that employees should come on time and can leave on time. However, if the employee is late for one day, it has to be accounted for and a cumulative of 3 to 4 days will enable a deduction of 0.5 days from CL allocated, automatically.

The client requires TimeCheck Software being customized with an option for requisition of exemption, if the employee plans to compensate or not for the time he/she was late, by working after the shift time slot. Again, the system should be able to identify, if the employee has worked or not after the shift time slot by getting approval for exemption. It should immediately reflect on the worked hours by considering the exemption requested and deduct the required time from the CL allocated to the employee.

Solution Provided

To meet the client’s requirement, we provided Time & Attendance system customized by creating a new module for exemption requisition and approval for late entry.

Now, against this approval, the employee would have to work after the shift time slot in compensation for the time lost by late entry. However, if the employee works less than 3 minutes of the required compensation time, the system will not consider the time worked and will make the deduction from the CL allocated.

However, if an employee is late, for example, by 30 min and works 1 hour after the shift time slot, but has not raised the exemption requisition not got approval for it, the system will not consider it and will proceed with deduction from the CL allocated.


  • After implementing the modules, no need to manage or follow-up the late entry of employees.
  • The system has the discipline action automated to manage the work force better.
  • If an employee is not regular in entry time but wants to compensate the time he/she is late, the employee has to raise the requisition through the system.
  • The system will detect work hours deviating and will do the deduction by itself.
  • Due to this system each department head in the organization has gained 10% of time saving.