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Overtime Management Solution for a State Government Organization

Overtime Management Solution for a State Government Organization

The client was one of the state government organizations, aimed at giving the people an opportunity for bringing their requirements, wishes or grievances to notice; on the other hand they make the measures and policy to know better by the people.

Business Requirement

Client required Time and attendance management solution to calculate their employee’s overtime, which should not be within shift in and shift out punches made by the employee. It should be calculated with the separate punch type. While doing overtime sanction there should be an option to approve that as payment or comp off, for discrepancy entry different punch types is required .Along with that lunch hours deduction has to be done in two different ways.

Time & Attendance solution provided with

  • Usually overtime will be calculated based on the Shift In and Shift Out punches kept by employee. But as per the client requirement we have changed the option for overtime calculation ,with different punch type
  • Overtime approval is provided with separate option to select the approval category for the worked hours under Comp off or Payment type
  • Discrepancy module had provision to select the Punch types like Lunch Out / Lunch In / Break Out / Break In etc, If any wrong punch type has been made, then those punches will be displayed appropriately under the In and Out Punch types as drop down
  • Changed the lunch hrs deduction functionality as per client request, and made that to be applicable for both the situations if the Employee do both Lunch out and Lunch in punches means that difference alone will be deducted. If there is no lunch punch means the defined lunch hour will be deducted


  • Appropriate overtime punches to get right payment
  • Categorized over time approval option
  • Web based sanctioning features
  • Discrepancy management for all left out punches
  • Accurate lunch hours deduction
  • Saves time by reducing manual work
  • Easy and time saving process
  • Avoids human errors in lunch / overtime hours calculation