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Solution Offered for Effortless Management of Various Shifts & Breaks

Attendance Software for Garment Industry

Solution Offered for Effortless Management of Various Shifts & Breaks

Client is a dominant manufacturer & exporter of garments in the Market. Their supremacy is reflected in their ability to remain independent & self-sufficient in every stage of garment production.

Business Requirement

By having multi-shifts and break hrs due to non-availability of yarn in the mid of shifts, shift manager found it difficult to accurately calculate total work hrs. They were checking time on work with production manager & with the punch in the biometric device. Arriving the actual worked hrs for every single labour was time consuming, so they preferred to a custom time & attendance management software that would meet their policy & report accurately in addition to maximized employee morale & productivity.

Solution Provided

TimeCheck’s attendance management software was customized with features wherein employees clock in at the entrance is recorded in all swipes report whereas shift in time consideration is taken only when the actual shift starts. Further for managing the 1.5 to 3 hrs max. break given by shift supervisor due to non-availability of Yarn at different times of the day we created functional key provision. Now even if shift supervisor allows brake for different employees at differ time he could easily keep track, gain real time visibility etc on worked hours with great accuracy.

Automation of the system with special break hrs management module does record the total break hrs in a day by taking into account the break-in & out punch. Reports are generated easily & effortlessly for total worked hrs calculation from shift-in to shift-out without any manual intervention.


  • Better tracking of break hours eliminates discrepancies
  • Effective shift management improved employee productivity
  • HR productivity improved due to needless manual intervention
  • Saves time on planning resource requirement to do core jobs