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Specialized Time Tracking Software Development for an Industrial Projects Company at UAE

Specialized Time Tracking Software Development for an Industrial Projects Company at UAE

Client is an industrial projects company endeavoring to lead in industrial innovation and emerge as a key player at UAE.

Business Requirement

Client requirement was to custom configure overtime tracking feature in their existing time attendance system. They preferred to set specific time hours as the minimum requirement for employee overtime calculation and to consider all before or after regular shift work time that meet the defined time hours as employee’s overtime contribution.

In addition to the above they desired to have a central place for tracking all required details (various scenarios involved in employee time tracking).

Apart from this they need separate colours to highlight / easily identify certainly areas which seem to deviate from the defined time attendance policy.

Solution Offered

The team at TimeCheck worked on the customization requirements of client and redefined the functionality for overtime calculation as per the client‘s revised attendance policy along with future modification possibility. It helped the company to set the minimum hours for overtime benefit, track overtime hours for both before and after regular shifts separately. Further, their general Time Attendance tracking system is centralized and designed in a user-friendly manner to analyze Employees late coming , early exit, leaves , missed punch on particular working day / weekly off working /Holiday working are all highlighted in different colours.

  • Enabled Tracking employee coming late to office /leaving the office before shift ends
  • Separately highlighted out time of employee leaving the organization earlier
  • System automatically reduces the defined launch hrs for any missed lunch punch
  • Excess work hrs are tracked separately under Separate Excess / Discrepancy hours


  • Employee overtime benefits has been redefined as per the revised policy
  • General attendance report with all observations that helps user to track trends
  • Get details on various policy deviated cases at one shot with various highlights
  • Centralized Time attendance tracking system enables client to have control over all regions