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Time & Attendance Management Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Time & Attendance Management Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Client is a high Tensile Fasteners Manufacturer striving to serve the needs of various industries in and around Coimbatore.

Business Requirement

The client’s need is to effectively manage Time and Attendance of employees from their mobile at any convenience. Primarily he wants a graphical report to view the Absentees, Late Entry, Early Exit, no: of employees present for the day. In addition to the above they also want their employees to view the attendance related data in detail by logging in to his account from a common machine installed at the production section.

Solution Provided

We at ANGLER did SMS integration with our standard Timecheck software application. It enabled the client to get notifications on Employee Late, Less Hrs worked, On-duty movement, Early exist etc as a report at his finger tip. My calendar feature has been designed for the client where employee’s attendance for all days will be viewed in a single stretch without logging into the system and generating as a report. New graphical report has been designed for core reports like Absent, Late Entry, Early Exit & Punctuality.


  • Dependency for getting the employee late, less hours worked, On-duty movement from department heads /admin got removed.
  • SMS notification will be sent to the appropriate management employees
  • Each employee is able to view their current month calendar for all the worked hrs and exception hours’ details
  • Saved time required to analyze the Absent, Late entry, Early Exit and Punctuality counts