Need for Advanced Employee Time Tracking System

Rising threat of time and unauthorized facility access has left many employee-driven organizations to rely on advanced biometric based attendance tracking application that not only prohibits unauthorized individuals from accessing the facility as well provides a comprehensive array of solutions to smoothen eliminates time theft. The system capabilities are diverse and allows employees to log their work hours with accuracy.

To overcome hurdles & manage human resources, organizations need to go one step further and keep track of employees’ work time. By possessing this automated web based accurate time and attendance tracking system organizations can prevent or reduce mistakes, unauthorized use and the intentional falsification of time.

Advanced Features of the application are as follows

  • Track employees unauthorized absences, sick days and annual leave
  • Show up late, leave early or exploit Organization attendance policy
  • Streamline time off requests, com-off, shift changes seamlessly
  • User-based access features to minimize administrative hassles & headaches
  • Collect & manage field force employee’s attendance in real time
  • Intelligent Dashboard Reports help spot any attendance issues
  • Geo Mapping Attendance for sales persons on the move

By leveraging this advanced solution HR manager can automatically sync time tracking data with payroll & thereby save time & money. It allows you to gain valuable business insight with real-time, interactive reports to cut costs and increase the profitability of your business invest in Employee Time Tracking software with advanced features. For more details, Contact Us.

Improve business efficiency with Mobile Workforce Management

Businesses that make use of business process automation software’s is said to increase productivity, streamline operations and lends peace of mind. With Employee time and attendance management application business firms can pull data from multiple places & integrate them to sort through for further analysis. To stay competitive, it’s imperative to leverage technology that simplifies complexity & reduces time.

Even if your employees work remotely, make sure to have the right tools in place to report an employee’s location when he clocks in or out. Employee time & attendance tracking software and mobile apps with advanced features can help you to track field force employees time, location and aggregate billable hours. It avoids error-prone duplicate entries, removes the discrepancies caused due to record error and helps organizations to get better control.

With this sales force tracking System, you can track time & attendance of employee on the move and potentially save time, money.

Advantages of Mobile Workforce Management

  • Monitor data in Real-Time
  • Solve potential issues against Organization policies
  • Removes expensive errors & timesheet discrepancies
  • Aggregate data from virtually anywhere for analyses
  • Increase compliance and employee productivity

To implement field force attendance tracking solution and get the most out of the software investments made contact us or request a free software demonstration here.

Eliminate Costly Errors with Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Data entry is still one of the most critical day-to-day operations for companies that hasn’t adopted Technology. Usage of technology has drastically increased employees’ productivity at the same time simplified the amount of human labor in business operations. By integrating employee attendance tracking Technology, you can improve your overall accuracy and consistency, begin reducing human error in data entry.

Dashboards module in Attendance Tracking Software enables HR to Collect information from different departments across locations, and spot trends that provides significant savings by eliminating unneeded cost. This will help your company to identify the success of any improved processes, as well discover any additional room for improvement.

Attendance Tracking Software Benefits

  • Automate Employee attendance & Leave Data to save 50% Attendance processing time
  • Get Access to all attendance related data across locations from a single centralized application
  • Customized OT configuration reduces the workload for supervisors and HR managers
  • Flexible for configuring companies Flexi Shift / Overtime Policy as per labor law
  • Simple for Customizing yearly leave accrual calculations, permissions /OT/ flexi shift hours tracking, comp off leaves Management etc.

Automating this Leave tracking & attendance management process of not only reduces the workload for supervisors and HR managers but also provides additional benefits that includes impartial implementation of company policies and more timely and accurate record keeping.

If you do use an automated system, make sure to Implement one such employee attendance tracking solution that help minimize your manual data entry needs. For More details, Contact Us

Manage Employee Absence Effectively & Succeed

Timeliness and regular attendance is an expectation of all employers as it causes severe impact on organizational productivity, especially in productivity/sales, delayed projects and even at times disappointed customers. Key components to successful business performance is effective management of employee attendance.

Employee absence hits companies hard and employers are bothered about managing unplanned employee absenteeism. Studies state that department heads spent an average of 4.2 hours a week to deal with unplanned absences, including search of replacement resource for adjusting workflow and addressing the committed deliverables.

To minimize the burden of co-workers and supervisors impact due to employee absences integrate Attendance Management Software and view any particular employees leave request and approve /reject based on the insight details like number of leaves taken by a particular employee on monthly / yearly basis, leave frequency etc.

With Time & attendance monitoring software it’s pretty possible to manage / mitigate the impact of absenteeism on the bottom line. By having this automated employee attendance tracking software supervisor can view their department’s attendance summary data in both grid & responsive design option.

As every employee doesn’t need leave on the same day, the application accommodates the leave policy & allows flexi for employees to swap shifts among coworkers and address the potential problem in just few clicks.

For more details on how to manage employee absence effectively or on seeking ways to improve productivity, as well as minimize the burden of supervisors Contact us.

Transform Your Business Environment with Time & Attendance Management Software

As technology continues to evolve Business Environments must consider implementing technology to save time as well reduce cost. By making use of technology employers can increase their employees’ productivity at the same time reduce the amount of human labor in business functions. Time & attendance tracking software really has few benefits for businesses of all sizes & any category. HR and payroll departments can implement Time & Attendance Management Software to automate this attendance tracking process and save lots of time.

Many businesses which have employees who work variable hours have actually improved their efficiency while cutting back on wasted costs. By implementing this Employee Time Tracking technology in the business environment you can streamline time sheet maintenance & data collection process. Advanced Time & Attendance Tracking software with amazing features and smart functionality can take the worry and make sure to eliminate human errors.

Data Collection Process

For instance, they need not go through every single record to calculate the payroll, Instead, they can look for daily, weekly or monthly shift-in & shift-out, overtime, comp-off, Leave, permission, on duty reports of every employee with just a single click.

Error Elimination

As the chances of human errors are higher in manual calculation, automate employee Time Keeping with web based time attendance clocks to avoid discrepancies and to make all of the processes more efficient and easier for everyone.

Business organizations willing to reduce their budgetary needs can shift their employee tracking system from conventional to automated. For more details Contact us.

Steps to Get Perpetual Late Employees to be Punctual

One of the most common problems HR managers find impacts on the company effectiveness is employee lateness. Every employer expects all his employees to get to work on time as it affects their bottom line or tarnishes a client relationship. To correct such employees, the most common thing an employer need to do is, enforce the policy, describe the gap between what is expected and what is actually observed, and encourage the employee to develop a plan that will enable him for on-time arrival.

In addition to the above, if you are an employer, you can install a reliable employee time tracking software system with which you can easily monitor your employee shit-in & out timing effortlessly. Apart from time keeping you can also control overtime cost when integrated with payroll. Automated time keeping system enables you to show perpetual late employees how they fall behind on their work and either rush things, or leave them uncompleted that decline in productivity.

If you see any staff members being late much more than the rest of the working team, consider to collate all the information you have regarding their working times, instances of lateness and inform them the impact of lateness and ask them to follow your timekeeping policies. Ultimately install automatic time tracking tool and significantly improve timeliness, accuracy and oversight to this critical process.

With this web based Time & Attendance tracking software employer can facilitate the authorized user (Department head) to view & track their organization employee’s attendance, exception with graphical representation and save 36% of time spent on manually tracking such aspects. Key organizational stakeholders such as supervisors, managers, payroll and HR can be configured to review, govern, approve and control the process.

If you prefer to replace the paper based process contact us today and get Instant information to follow your timekeeping policies.

Automate Timesheet Process & Boost Payroll Accuracy

As the world has become increasingly automated, and digitized its time for organizations to take full advantage of automating their Timesheet tracking process to have all employee data ready to be viewed in real- time. No doubt, by automating certain significant processes such as Timesheet you can potentially save time, money, and increase payroll accuracy. Here in this blog, we have discussed on few ethical ways that will boost Payroll accuracy.

Timesheet automation reduces the time spent on processing employee information, in specific expensive errors and offers variety of benefits to business. Be sure to make the best use of these automated system and get the most out of the software investments made.

Eliminate Mistakes

Study reveals that in manual entries humans account for nearly 8% of errors due to rounding errors & misreading of handwritten time. Moreover, these errors are noticed only when an employee complains and so to be accurate automation

Avoid time theft

You can avoid loss from employees doing Buddy Punch and thereby allows save on costs in the long run. In addition, you can do comprehensive data management and get the feasibility to generate customized reports.

Track time- off

Every employee can easily track his accrual balance in real time & claim for accrue time off absences which comes under paid time off policies. Actually employee absence management solution helps manage employee leaves, ease administrative burdens, control costs, & increase productivity.
Automated Timesheet tracking system which will enable you to save time and spent it for business and growth. Don’t delay in automating your employee Time & attendance tacking system. This automation will enable you to do business efficiently and easily.

Leave the difficulty to the software and exploring innovative ways that can maximize profitability. For further details, Contact Us.

Time & Attendance Tracking Software Benefits

In today’s time businesses should not neglect the opportunity to upgrade their time tracking system. Actually human capital of an organization has a direct and significant impact on the organization’s success. Effectively automating and streamlining the processes with a Time & Attendance Management Software System will prevent compliance violations, overpayment in payroll and contribute for curtailing labor disputes related risk. With this in mind, many companies have begun to integrate employee time and attendance tracker that will reduce costly errors which can happen while making use of timesheets, manual time-tracking systems.

Benefits of time & attendance tracking software

  • Calendar feature in the attendance tracking software allows individual employee take charge of their own time and attendance.
  • Leave/ Permission requests are mailed directly to respective employee manager who can approve or deny request based on work schedules
  • Everything is reported and analyzed in real time and this allows managers and employees to stop wasting their precious time in fixing the shift schedule.
  • Unplanned absences are a headache for many managers and with this software you can effectively plan these requests conveniently.

Integrating time and attendance software will give employers & employees higher transparency, besides strategies to make smarter decision in the momentum they need. To move forward pick up on trends and save time from eliminating repetitive, manual tasks by selecting a best time & attendance tracking software that will greatly help you out to take correct course of action. If you are Interested to integrate a trendy Time and Attendance software that fit your organization rules Contact Us.

Employee Time Management Improves Business Profits

Time is a business metric & tracking every single minute can have a great impact on your business. Organizations need to track employee timesheet to improve business productivity as it affects many critical aspects of the business. Powerful tools like time tracking software has enormous features to track employee Shift-in, Shift-out, Break hrs , Early exit, Late hrs , Cumulative work hrs etc seamlessly. With Time Management software installation, organizations can collect critical information at the right time.

The more manageable the process, HR manager can get organization wise employee present absent & leave data graphically. Evaluating the existing process & tightening up the areas that need immediate attention & enforcement of better policies will have a profound effect on the entire firm. This automation will alert authorized personnel to foresee problems and will allow you enforce policy, control & improve employee behavior.

Time Management Software Benefits

  • The convenient leave permission approval scheme
  • Facilitates human resources management for multiple branches in different locations
  • Multiple approval system keep data secure as well keep managers of your organization in the loop
  • payroll calculation & resource management can be done accurately and even with flexi hrs option
  • Helps to make the most out of their most valuable resource

Understanding the need for time tracking benefits the organization employees and help with quite a few different areas of a business. With Time and Attendance Tracking Software you can avail total visibility & keep track of your costs, profits etc and prevent loss of wages while improving work productivity. Our report puts more data at your fingertips and gives you real-time insight from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

Time & Attendance Tracking Software System Automates HR Process

Today’s Organization look for automating Time & Attendance tracking of Employee as a whole. With this system, employers can save time, increase employee productivity and reduce labor cost, enables the company to decrease HR burden and empower employees. To obtain accurate records of employee hours worked, early or late (from entry to exit) punches and leave taken, automates human resource time & attendance management.

Advanced features in the system allows HR to add user specific settings where they can assign permissions and working hours for a specific user, map user ID in the attendance terminals, set working hours for half & full day, configure shift details, import attendance data and much more that will reduce overhead cost & save money.

An automated attendance tracking system is more essential today than ever before to prevent employee time theft, view each employee work hrs which are essential to address issues if any and improve regulatory compliance. In addition to the above advantages, it will help HR’s to gain insight into labor costs, control over overtime expenses, make sound workforce decisions and accurately project future labour costs.

Studies reveal that many organizations get a good return on investment due to accurate payroll processing. Especially this automated employee time management software avoids the potential risk of human error and amplifies all benefits at relatively low cost.

If you want your organization to control payroll, maintain accurate reporting, automate your Time & attendance Tacking Software System and reduce overhead, for details contact us.