Why every industry needs Time and Attendance Management Software System

Software installation has totally changed the way business operates; Every industry has transformed significantly due to automation of existing processes. Survival in the future will be built on the effective use of system and people. To keep your organization progressing and competitive in this information age you should monitor & keep up with this ever-evolving trend in the most efficient means possible. Automation is now reshaping the workplace, one such software system which every industry need is Time and Attendance Management Software.

Implementing Employee Time and Attendance Solution enables you to enforce attendance and leave policies regularly. Timecheck’s time tracking software application allows HR manager/authorized user to track organization employees’ time, leading to a more efficient workplace. The most obvious benefit to your business is fiscal health, as a result of innovative software integration with Payroll processing. Easy report generation and features to view attendance sheet of even remote employees in real time ensures optimal workplace productivity.

Apart from the above said features, it has many other custom specialized aspects which includes monitoring Flexi staffs shift in & out details, ample staffing coverage monitoring and cumulative work hours calculation as per the company norms. It facilitates Multiple Organization’s Attendance Management, Month & Year Leave Closures, Privilege Management, Overtime & Compoff Management effortlessly.

With the increase in number of employees and with the growing needs to Optimize labour investments the need for a user-friendly Time and Attendance management is critical.

Every industry that is keen to streamline their Time and Attendance Systems can get ahead of the curve by moving to a quality time and attendance system. Install & see how does our solution save your money each month?

Time & Attendance Monitoring Software Assists HR Operations

Time and Attendance Monitoring application assists companies to maximize their operational efficiencies, minimize labor costs and retain skilled workforce. By installing this web based application HR team can ensure to follow an impartial and orderly approach which address employee satisfaction and morale leading to a more profitable business.

As employee play a vital role in the success of your organization, accessing organizational employee timesheet in real-time assists employees to be more informative, empowered and accountable. Organizations have started realizing workforce as the biggest single overhead of an organizations and the importance of storing and analyzing work hour exceptions, overtime calculation modes etc which are major cost drivers in the business.

By integrating time and attendance monitoring software HR’s can take full control of attendance, convert data into actionable, valuable information and thereby achieve their overall mission and objectives. It adjusts to organization’s policy & helps managers to track employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts.

  • Ensuring greater accuracy
  • Reduce payroll processing time
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Variety of reports to boost productivity
  • Improves Employee Morale
  • Prevent errors and labor issues

By collecting department wise employee attendance and absence data HR can easily monitor tardiness or absenteeism data that can affect productivity. Automated software will help organizations to collect, analyze, and take immediate control of employee attendance that may be valuable to Organization bottom line.

For seamless integration of Time and Attendance Monitoring Solution to businesses across the globe contact us.

Monitor Intangibles that Drain Company Profits

Every business demands measurable value that each resource brings to organizational growth and profitability.  Even if best efforts are deployed to exactly calculate expenses and budgetary needs, there will be intangibles that come into play. Handling those intangibles competently can bring in business success.  Human variables like behaviors, habits, time management, absence to work etc could associate hidden cost & drain company’s profits.

HR managers must be proactive in understanding how human resources affects the bottom line and be sure to configure enterprise grade web based attendance monitoring software with robust features to monitor employee attendance, worked hrs, Overtime, shift management, leave and permission management efficiently. This sensitive approach protects organization from overspending and equips them to monitor Hidden Intangibles that Drain Company Profits.

Employee Attendance Monitoring

Employee attendance monitoring system is a tool which employers can rely on to monitor the cost of employee partial, planned, unplanned absences and minimize profit loss. Having this software application at your establishments will facilitate you to get insight details on any employees leave or permission Application / status etc. in real time and approval authority can either approve or reject his leave or permission application based on various eligibility criteria.

Overtime & Shift Management System

Facilitated with advanced Shift Pattern and Shift Roster features to manage complex shifts for large set of employees with a single click allows authorized user to bridges the communication gap that can happen over manual methods and proactively ensures a smooth transition by modifying the already allocated shifts on need to improve workforce productivity.

Specialty Features

Key Features to track Late Entry, Early Exit, Less Hours Worked, Approved Over Time, Discrepancy data’s & Non Processed Record details helps managers in Quick decision making, besides to streamline their department employee’s attendance that indirectly affect forecasted tasks. Function Key mode in the biometric device lets user to map & track appropriate punch types for the assigned function Key (Lunch Out, Lunch in, On Duty Out, On Duty in).

To reduce expenses accrued from Human resources time theft, odd punch, discrepancies etc  and to assess individual attendance compliance reports contact us.

Attendance Monitoring Software to track Remote Employees

Workforce is the most significant asset & expense every organization has to keep monitoring to increase productivity and effectiveness at work.  To achieve this capitalizing in an apt technology is essential, as you can’t keep on monitoring all your employee’s activities all through the day. To aid you, we have Employee Time & Attendance Monitoring Application that monitors each employee & provides you a consolidated report where you can get precise data against various parameters which includes tracking in real-time to make sure that staff are working the hours they are supposed to be working.

Remote work forces which were unimaginable earlier, are common these days, to monitor them implementing this Automated Attendance Monitoring Software is the only method. With this software at your end you can make sure that time is being utilized productively. As these attendance monitoring application have a high accuracy rate you can hold people for billable hours claim at times when they were not there.

Organizations that are functioning at multiple regions can make use of this type of system and easily define organization level hierarchy like Company, Region, Branch, Department and so on to group in a user-friendly manner. In time & attendance management system you can even allocate separate shifts for different types of employees based on departments, employee types, and regions.

As you are the one who will end up paying for it you can customize the application to get every detail required and you can focus on your core tasks at the same time make sure that productivity increase certainly. If your company is very large and functions at multiple locations, then configuring this specialized system to track remote employee can contribute to save your time & Money.

Interested to automate your time & attendance monitoring system for remote employee tracking.  Then Contact Us

Ways to Overcome Staff Absence That Impacts Business Productivity

Employee absenteeism is associated with a lot of negative outcomes and organization must aim to avoid it significantly and reduce the costs associated with staff absences. In fact, when an employee has an absence, productivity suffers because of it and it leave customer questions unanswered. A recent survey states that even for small businesses this cost will quickly add up and make up to 4% of total annual payroll expenses.

If you are concerned with staff absence consider integrating TimeCheck Software that keeps track of employee time & attendance & also aids you with absence reports which can give you full visibility of employee absences. Having the data of planned & unplanned leaves of employees will help employers to make smarter business decisions. With this technologically advanced time and attendance system you can approve leave, manage different types of leave such as Casual Leave, Sick Leave, Earned Leave, Loss of Pay etc, based on this you can reduce impact on productivity.

By creating customized attendance policies as per your organizational needs you can streamline your employee leave. Further, you can either approve or reject staffs leave based on various eligibility criteria. Finally an e-mail with appropriate status (Pending, Forwarded, Approved, and Rejected) will be automatically triggered for all stakeholders in this process to plan the task in advance & thereby make the best use of scarce resources more efficiently.


  • Cut down on administrative time
  • Significantly Increase Client Satisfaction
  • Improve Organizational efficiency
  • Reduce impact on productivity
  • Eliminate human error

Companies with large employee numbers and employers who wish to have visibility / full control over employees’ leaves can contact us.

Complications that Timecheck Software can resolve

There are many standard problems faced by every business organization, if we analyse the reason behind every contradiction, we can conclude that the main issue behind is deficiency of real-time attendance data. We cannot be sure that the data obtained by manual attendance tracking will be accurate, there might be some complications and discrepancies. To overcome such attendance complications choosing a right automated Time and Attendance Tracking Software will be the perfect choice.

Timecheck Software provides accurate, real-time insights into complex organizational challenges; it widely resolves the attendance complications that an organization faces. Now let’s look upon some standard problems that every organization faces, and how to overcome with the help of Automated Time and Attendance Monitoring System.

Shift Management

Major complication that normally every organization needs to overcome is organizing the shift for numerous employees. Overall manually managing all the shift details will be a time-consuming process and it never ever gives accurate data. Timecheck Software solves this problem by helping to effectively schedule the shifts and gives accurate-real time data. It helps organization to monitor employee’s working time to improve workforce productivity.

Leave Management

It can be troublesome and time-consuming process to handle employee leaves. Old traditional leave management system is more difficult to check out the employees leave history. Switching to Time and Attendance Management Software simplifies the leave management process. Brings transparency in leave management and enhances accuracy, builds discipline within the organization by providing an access to personal leave history and leave availability.

Overtime Management

Calculating overtime hours has become crucial, where employee’s overtime data cannot be monitored regularly. In manual overtime calculation, there might be some possibilities to miss-out data and it is also a time-consuming process. Timecheck Software solves this complication by regularly monitoring the over-time management data, and triggers mail to approving authority, to approve / cancel / forward the overtime hours of an employee.

Are you facing the above discussed problems?? Don’t delay. To resolve your complication contact us to get a Timecheck software and upgrade your business to next level.

Adopt Timecheck Software & Eliminate Attendance Tracking Complexity

There is nothing more precious than time. Having an accurate time management leads to stay top in every aspect. Time is the only thing that can never be regained once if lost. Utilizing right time for a right cause will ensure to succeed.

In today’s evolving age of business, Time and Money are the two major elements that every business owner seeks for. If we analyze the strategy behind every successful business, time management has been the key point, Process management will not be effective without proper time management. Physical involvement of every employee is valuable for business investment. Tracking and monitoring employee’s attendance has been significant for proper business management.

Time and attendance tracking of employees will become much more complicated for organizations; if they follow the traditional (paper and excel-based) Manual attendance tracking system, these will be time consuming and never delivers accurate data.

To get rid of such complexities Automated Time and attendance management system will be the right choice. These automated attendance systems reduce complexities and eliminate discrepancies, with less manual intervention.

Timecheck –Well versed enterprise grade web based software with robust features to simplify Time & Attendance process, will be the key solution for every organization with large number of employees and facilitates them to track their attendance data accurately and perfectly ontime.

Save time and money by choosing the right automated time and attendance management software. Adopt Time check software, to avail below given benefits:

  • Effectively provides accurate time reporting in cost effective manner
  • Highly reduces the payroll discrepancies by effectively managing employees’ attendance data
  • Helps to be informed about employees leave details for proper task allocation
  • Regulates employee’s discipline
  • Automatically helps to increase organizations productivity

So, don’t waste your time with the old attendance monitoring system, now it’s the time to get automated. Think smart! And Contact us to have your right employee management software.

Benefits of Managing Your Employee’s Attendance Data

Companies wish to succeed by ensuring that staff consistently attends work and they are equipped to manage their productivity and streamline costs. Of course companies can achieve this by adopting time and attendance management processes. The solution actually reduces time and effort of administrative team at the same time helps improve employee regulatory compliance.

The main need for attendance management is to smartly deal with attendance related problems and better control labour workforce. To get maximum results ensure to find troubling patterns in real time from time & attendance software and address the problem early.

To have a successful attendance management system Install TimeCheck enterprise grade web based time & attendance software and track employee entry and exit hours, total number of hours worked and much more like flexi shift, overtime, to know what needs attention right away.

By streamlining their employee time & attendance data organizations can save time, have a clear data on true costs and pave ways to achieve positive effect on business results. Following are the benefits of successful administration of employee attendance


  • Reduced staff time to maintain and control absenteeism
  • Reduce employee time theft
  • Disciplinary action being forced
  • Increases paycheck accuracy
  • Better insight into employee’s work hours
  • Exponentially cost savings
  • Positive effect on business results
  • Provides employees with timely information
  • Provides real-time labor analytics

We see organizations still using punch cards & out of date timekeeping systems. To deal with cases of excessive absenteeism and to integrate an employee time and attendance system into your business Contact Us.

Why Time & Attendance Software is a Must for Educational Institutes?

An educational system is the place where we cultivate the habit of doing things manually & probably that is why it is one of the few sectors that has complex systems to handle but follows manual paper based process. With the rising standards, the educational institutes are finding it difficult to manage it properly with the age old manual process.

Educational institutes are in a position to deliver a positive image in all possible ways to ensure that the institution is well managed & is safe for children. And with the advent & constant evolution of time and attendance systems, even managing the most complex process like tracking and reporting student′s / staff attendance, managing leave policies, weekly off eligibility and overtime hour calculation has made easy.

How will be a time & attendance software at an educational institute useful?

  • Track, Manage & Report your staff / student attendance seamlessly without having to resort to manual entry process
  • Mapping of leave policy details and Leave reporting hierarchy with particular Staff / Student
  • Easy import option for importing student & staff data profile into the application without tedious manual data entry
  • Flexibility to define Global Holidays and Restricted Holidays & Effective Leaves & Permissions management
  • Get Instant updates about student & staff daily attendance
  • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights and in-depth analysis like late reports, attendance reports and exception reports like late entry, overtime etc
  • Provision to submit leave / permission request through the application & allowing the respective authorities to approve / reject them accordingly.
  • Synchronizing employee attendance, late entry, overtime details with payroll systems.

The usage of time and attendance software has become mandatory these days & the need for accurate time & attendance monitoring is increasing day by day as we have said in this blog already. A time & attendance solution not only helps you to manage the time & attendance process of your institution but also reduces administration & associated costs through automating the hectic manual process.

Combined with our GPS based School Bus tracking solutions, TimeCheck’s time attendance software is a part of a solution that provides the much needed relief to parents regarding their children’s safety concern. Manage time and attendance needs & guarantee the parents their children’s safety with our web based time and attendance software, Contact us today.

Increasing Need for Accurate Employee Time & Attendance Monitoring

Accurate time tracking is essential for small & large firms to increase billable & reduce non- billable hours. Today every organization has felt the need for time tracking software as each of them have different departments and each follow different working style & so they believe tracking employee time takes time and custom made software is required to meet their unique needs.

Provides Flexibility

Flexibility is the need for the hour, Timecheck browser-based application attendance module has the flexibility to be configured and customized according to organization HR policies. Further, it can be integrated with any of customer’s existing time / attendance recording device. Here you get facility to auto-generate time & attendance reports handle wide variation from creating multiple shifts, com-off, breaks, on–duty, minimum working hours, over time and much more based on company policy.

Controls Costs

Employee Time & Attendance Monitoring need increased day by day as it controls labor expenses, avoids overhead costs and headaches associated with manual timesheet solution. Filters & sorting criteria available in it enables managers to generate reports to view the deviation in shift time & total working hours against the man power planned for the day / week / month. As transparent, systematic approach to managing employee time & attendance produces positive effects its need is felt across industries all over the world

Boosts Profit

Time is money, installing this system intuitively categorizes time punches and provides accurate data to payroll system that automatically calculate hours to be paid. Installing this system will let employee to view their punch record & resolve if any discrepancy occurred due to punch error. It replaces tedious, error prone paper methods, easy to use, can be accessed from anywhere over the Internet.

As it empowers you with individual employee wise, department wise attendance report and boots profits its need is increasing gradually. To know more on its other features Leave a comment on Increasing Need for Accurate Employee Time & Attendance Monitoring