How Time & Attendance Software Helps You Reduce Eco–Foot Print

We see people being increasingly dependent upon computers for both personnel and business operation. Even in this age of big data some companies still lack in digitalizing their documents. Organizations using paper must think of reducing its usage and contributing to the ecology by digitalizing the documents. By digitization the document organization can centralize the documents, make it secure and also allow multiple users to access it concurrently.

Manual Tracking Disadvantage

Using less paper is denoted as a proven method to reduce your impact on forests as well cut off costs, One first step organizations can do is adopt TimeCheck, an enterprise grade web based time tracking systems. In manual tracking organizations make use of paper to collect and process employee time and attendance data.

Disadvantage of Manual Time Tracking

  • Hard copy data sometimes becomes unaccounted and it’s difficult to find and is often spread across filing cabinets, warehouses, and in designated employees’ desk.
  • Retrieval of historical data by searching physical documents becomes time consuming task
  • Difficult for business leaders to gain a 360-degree view
  • Unreliable for business decision-making as it’s editable & not secured

Automated web base time & attendance Software Advantage

In Timecheck automated web based time and attendance tracking systems we no need to maintain paper timesheet nor punch cards everything is electronically recorded, processed, stored and retrieved so paper-free. It assists employers in discovering significant trends, insights from historical data that remain archived as digital documents

Benefits of digitalizing Employee Time & attendance tracking solution

  • Each & every bit of data is central & secure, can be accessed from anywhere
  • Easy for discrepancies management & payroll calculation
  • Punch in & punch out can be tracked using Biometric devices, fingerprints, facial recognition etc
  • From employee punch in to calculation of payroll everything associated can be monitored
  • Employers can gain insights on employee attendance for decision making purposes

Timecheck Time & attendance software helps us to reduce paper…and eventually the need for trees. Discussed above are steps that businesses can adopt to move towards full digital transformation and eco-footprint reduction.

Why Time & Attendance Software is a Must for Educational Institutes?

An educational system is the place where we cultivate the habit of doing things manually & probably that is why it is one of the few sectors that has complex systems to handle but follows manual paper based process. With the rising standards, the educational institutes are finding it difficult to manage it properly with the age old manual process.

Educational institutes are in a position to deliver a positive image in all possible ways to ensure that the institution is well managed & is safe for children. And with the advent & constant evolution of time and attendance systems, even managing the most complex process like tracking and reporting student′s / staff attendance, managing leave policies, weekly off eligibility and overtime hour calculation has made easy.

How will be a time & attendance software at an educational institute useful?

  • Track, Manage & Report your staff / student attendance seamlessly without having to resort to manual entry process
  • Mapping of leave policy details and Leave reporting hierarchy with particular Staff / Student
  • Easy import option for importing student & staff data profile into the application without tedious manual data entry
  • Flexibility to define Global Holidays and Restricted Holidays & Effective Leaves & Permissions management
  • Get Instant updates about student & staff daily attendance
  • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights and in-depth analysis like late reports, attendance reports and exception reports like late entry, overtime etc
  • Provision to submit leave / permission request through the application & allowing the respective authorities to approve / reject them accordingly.
  • Synchronizing employee attendance, late entry, overtime details with payroll systems.

The usage of time and attendance software has become mandatory these days & the need for accurate time & attendance monitoring is increasing day by day as we have said in this blog already. A time & attendance solution not only helps you to manage the time & attendance process of your institution but also reduces administration & associated costs through automating the hectic manual process.

Combined with our GPS based School Bus tracking solutions, TimeCheck’s time attendance software is a part of a solution that provides the much needed relief to parents regarding their children’s safety concern. Manage time and attendance needs & guarantee the parents their children’s safety with our web based time and attendance software, Contact us today.

Automate Time & Attendance System for Information on Workforce Activities

In the highly competitive environment, organizations must adopt to industry trends in order to ensure its success. Recently Companies are automating many of their process one major adoption is Time & Attendance management automation, to get exact data needed for analysis. With Time & Attendance management system organizations can enjoy real-time insights with detailed reports that can be customized with filters and groupings to get the exact data employers need.

Employee time tracking software applications has many features, it goes well beyond the function of logging when employees comes in for work and when they leave from work each day. Based on demand and incompliance with organization regulations we can configure the system and enable it to your business processes to ensure accuracy and compliance. With an intuitive dashboard you can easily view your workforce activities and also achieve your goals of decreasing labour costs, improving workforce efficiency and effectively managing absenteeism.

Rostering features of the system will allow you to create and modify employee schedules easily in no time, Integration of the system with payroll will save hours by simplifying the entire payroll process. Employees will be satisfied as time and attendance software guarantees timely and accurate pay. It improves employer-employee relations by giving employee secure access to their personal data.

With Timecheck software you will have the right information at the right time. It will help your organization to be proactive and to improve productivity. To learn more about Timecheck features visit our website

Leverage on Attendance Management System to Acquire Accurate Information

We see managing labour costs becoming complex, with unpredictable staffing levels, multiple remote sites, shifts variations etc. In today fast pace world; companies must adapt growth and new technologies to improve efficiencies. Companies that haven’t leveraged on automated attendance management system are under pressure with tracking employee time & attendance on spread sheets and punch cards. In such cases, we could see employers spending more time & money on administrative responsibilities to save money.

On the contrary, leveraging on automating employee attendance management system will eliminate the frustrations and offer tremendous benefits to both employers, and employees. Adopting this technology will give actionable business insight, eliminate complication involved and allow streamlined management. Web based time & attendance software has enormous features to easily collect, filter, track, and manage it from anywhere anytime. It will provide accurate information for payroll preparation, reduce time taken for employee scheduling & improve wage and hour compliance.

With this automated attendance management system at your place you can decrease staffing overhead align your staffs with the business demands and also gain a competitive edge via better customer service. Timecheck, enterprise grade attendance tracking software can be configured to adapt to your work policies. Companies leveraging this automated Time & Attendance Management can reduce your labor costs, get quality reports for informed decision-making. In short, automating time and attendance management remains profitable as well improves employer-employee relations.

For more information, please visit TimeCheck website that holds more info on its features and benefits.

Simplify Employee Time Tracking Process and Maximize Productivity With Timecheck

The main purpose of installing attendance management system in organizations is to bring in discipline among employees. By automating time & attendance, organizations have witnessed significant and tangible benefits. time and attendance solutions helps organizations to automatically record employee like in/out minutes, attendance, absenteeism, overtime, on duty, shift records, holiday &leave details and thereby maximize employee productivity and minimize operating costs.

In these technology driven times, automating your business with a time and attendance software free up HR manager from strategic tasks and assists him to perfectly create schedules that align labour with forecasted demand and increase productivity across various departments in the organisation. Organizations that utilize the latest advances accomplish measurable gains.

Being fair and just system it improves data accuracy, reduces discrepancies and employee morale in the workplace. Configure and customize Time & Attendance software according to your organization rules and simplify Employee Time tracking process. Implementing employee time attendance tracking software helps oprganisations to get real-time information, actionable insight which in turn would assist them control labour cost.

Furthermore, with this employee time tracking system you can better control payroll costs and stay competitive in today’s marketplace. For more information on TimeCheck application you can contact us.

Why Time & Attendance Software is Important for Manufacturing Companies?

Manufacturing & Engineering companies depends upon overall operational efficiency to gain profits and compete in today’s global marketplace. It is not just the production or sales that determine the efficiency of manufacturing units; they have to face in employee management.

With a large number of employees working in various departments, shifts and the presence of contract labours makes it hard for companies to manage the employees effectively. Manually managing large number of employees, their leave & permission, shifts, contract labours, lunch breaks, payroll etc is definitely a hard-hitting job which consumes a lot of time and resources and also prone to errors. This is where Time and attendance software comes in.

Fully integrated Employee Time Attendance software can help manufacturers in reducing management costs by streamlining employee leave, attendance, shifts etc and increase employee productivity thus increasing overall efficiency of the company.

So why Time and Attendance software is important for Manufacturing industries?

  • Manage Employee Leave and Attendance effectively thus avoiding miscalculation in salaries.
  • Monitor entry, exit, late entry, permission, lunch breaks of employees and increase production
  • Define & monitor organization level hierarchy like Company, Region, Branch, Department and also Group multiple companies and manage their organization level hierarchy.
  • Easily allocate regular and temporary shifts for ‘n’ number of employees using shift management features.
  • Shift Pattern and Shift Roaster features to assign shifts for a huge or complex workforce in just a single click.
  • Ability to manage contract labours separately thus avoiding discrepancies in payroll calculation.
  • Year Closure features to carry forward the leave balances to the next year.
  • Integrate with payroll software for impeccable payroll calculation.
  • Extensive level of reports with various filtering options for better insights and analysing employee productivity.

Effective employee management means increase in operational efficiency which in turn leads to increased productivity thus increase in profits for the company. In this fast growing competitive world, many manufacturing units, be it small or large are opting for Time and Attendance software to take care of their employee management related issues.

If you think that the above points match your organizational needs, then it is time to integrate your company with our Employee Time & Attendance management software. We are just a form away, Send us your requirements by filling out the form here, we will get back to you.