Innovative Attendance Management Software that makes HR life’s easier

In day to day life, Organization face difficulties in managing time-attendance for multiple departments, Branches, designations etc. Employees feel frustrated to get payroll discrepancies, to increase employee morale HR has to spend time in doing numerous checks before salary disbursement. To make it convenient & easy for tracking automate it with Innovative Employee Attendance Management Software

Employee attendance tracking system with advanced features scales to the growing needs & takes away all the pain associated with manual tracking. As every organization has its own leave policies, leave/ permission /attendance approval methods HR team finds it tedious to handle flexi shift-in policy, worked hrs tracking, shift scheduling, on duty, overtime, com-off & much more during month end.

With automated Time & Attendance Software you can eliminate manual time entries, observe time & attendance trends to make better decisions. As it is recorded through the software in real-time without human interference its fast & reliable.


  • Automatically routes employee leave approval notifications on leave approver’s dashboard
  • Biometric attendance data enhances overall accuracy with regards to Payroll processing
  • Organization having branches at multi-location can fetch employee punches in real-time
  • Get real-time data about who’s clocked in/who ‘s out of your office
  • Role-based privilege ensures only relevant data is delivered to users

Install our Time & attendance tracking software to save your HR working time. For more details on automating various HR tasks Contact us.

Benefits of multi-location Attendance Management System

In today’s economy we can’t deny that Work force is the largest expense incurred by any Organization. To manage & control the workforce cost across multi branch one best tool available in the market is attendance management software. By Implementing this Multi- Location Attendance Software Simply customize / centralize and ensure data consistency across the organization.

Timesheet Management & Attendance Monitoring System integrates more powerful features (Shift timing, overtime annual leave) that is easy to handle with a single click.

Reliable Accuracy

Manual reporting of work hours has a lot of issues and using Electronic attendance systems collects data in real-time and allows to provide enhanced views of the organization’s key performance indicators, including hours and wages, employee counts and scheduled/working status.

Save Time

Self-review of the attendance status by employees allows them to check their worked hours, requested time off and saves HR departments time from answering employee questions about time and attendance.

Payroll Costs

A detailed look into payroll expenses made can save up to 5 percent of their payroll costs. Especially This allows users to easily calculate your regular time and overtime pay rates, different rates of pay for different types of work flawlessly.

  • Address unusual absenteeism levels
  • Solve potential issues against Organization policies
  • Aggregate data from virtually anywhere for multiple purposes
  • Eliminate HR administrative hassles & headaches
  • Removes expensive errors & timesheet discrepancies

We focus on your regulatory compliance, “HR Best Practices”, identify potential problem areas, and offer solutions. To know more get in touch with our experts now.

Tracking time and attendance is critical for Organizations to boost Profits

Employee time & attendance tracking software has uses well beyond just monitoring employees shift-in and shift-out. It digitally records their hours to ensure employees are being paid properly, for the hours he or she worked. As the HR manager has employee’s attendance data they could easily prevent scheduling mistakes that lead to discrepancies or rack up overtime.

The application facilitates HR to identify employees arriving late or leaving early and calculate employee wages factoring in various data like sick leave, overtime, comp-off, holiday pay and differentials as per company Policy. Organizations that doesn’t automate attendance tracking software for employee time tracking simply assumes each employees works the allocated hrs a day.

For most companies tracking time and attendance helps cut labour costs and boost their profits. Even though most of them are obvious, we should know the fact that coming into work five minutes late can add up quickly and it would pile up to twenty-one hours per year. The digitally recorded employees time allows you to reduce the amount of time you need to spend on payroll as well as provide supervisors the feasibility to receive email notifications of schedule changes in employee shift, making things easier in terms of planning and keeping commitments.

Custom made time tracking applications with employee dashboards feature and flexible punch methods dramatically improve operations within your company. The level of accuracy in employee payroll can allow your business to improve employee morale. For replacing your paper-based methods with a modern time and attendance system Contact Us.

Steps to increase Mobile Workforce Productivity right away

In today’s time, we can easily automate & manage employees working outside the company premises by asking them to seamlessly clock in and out using any device. With right Time and Attendance tracking software system you can even save your time, reduce timesheet errors, build employee morale and drive change that maximizes productivity. Automated solutions enable you to track the movement of your mobile workforce without risk of errors. It will, quickly start paying back your investment while adding value to your business.

Focusing on your employees’ happiness can improve productivity, by using a user-friendly web based time tracking software you can avoid timesheet discrepancies and get insight data to streamline employee attendance process the right way. Time & attendance tracking software system not only tracks employee attendance but it also tracks absenteeism, work hours and gives you various report of each employee leaves, holiday and average time of work.

Discussed are Few Steps to increase Mobile Workforce Productivity

  • Identify potential attendance issues of Mobile workforce and enforce attendance policies
  • Leverage all available information to ensure employee work hours are utilized properly
  • Accurate monthly records of employees work hours is useful for payroll calculation
  • Address unusual absenteeism levels & break time of each employee
  • Oversee your workforce in real-time & take early steps to address disputes

Robust time management software helps organization to aggregate data from virtually anywhere for multiple purposes. With this application in place HR managers canminimize administrative hassles & headaches, eradicates expensive errors as well effectively manage mobile workforce from anywhere & at any time.

To get the software application & maximize workforce productivity– whether remote, office-based or on-site Contact us.

Automated Solution for Field Force Time Capturing

Currently Organizations have challenges to deal with Tracking Time & Attendance of field force professionals. In today’s time capturing timesheet of employees with flexible work hours, and part time workers is the daunting task for HR department. Actually none of these are impossible with improved Time & Attendance Management System.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is installing a fully automated Time and Attendance management software. It empowers employers to make use of its portable biometric terminal with network connecting conveniences to track field force employees time, location and aggregate billable hours. Organizations can collect & manage field force employees attendance in real time and simplify the tedious task of managing your mobile workforce.

With Time & Attendance monitoring software you can avoid error-prone duplicate entry, and remove the discrepancies caused due to record error, and manual processing error. It helps to control and care employee attendance issues, which in turn helps organizations to get better control, improve productivity.

Benefits of Automated Field force Time Tracking

  • Decrease in HR effort is seen for time related tasks
  • Easily view & approve or reject team’s time-off requests
  • Comply with labour regulations & ensure streamlined attendance
  • Empower regional HR to automate critical information
  • Improve mobile employee productivity

Do you need an automated Time & Attendance Management Solution to capture time stamp data of part-time / field force employees? We can do multi location attendance integration for Field force Time Capturing to take place. For details contact us.

Digitalizing Workforce Attendance Improves Compliance

Digitalization of information is an inevitable process which will unleash the potential to be more productive & Innovative. In specific digitalizing employee timesheet empowers employees, as well reduces workload for HR. By bringing in this metamorphic change organizations can get rich insights into the attendance and time patterns of employees, create custom reports and analyze various aspects that help reduce labor cost & improve workforce productivity.

Benefits of Digitalizing Workforce Attendance Management

  • Custom reports generated with various filtering options helps organization HR to automatically flag exceptions to scheduled attendance against corporate attendance policies and take necessary enforcement steps for correction
  • It saves administrative cost & facilitates HR to centrally manage attendance policies from multiple locations, analyze absence types and seamlessly do absence management
  • Automatic calculation of overtime, leave balance, takes away all the pain associated with manual uploads and provides the Overtime details of each employee’s Weekday Over Time(OT), Week Off OT & Holiday OT in Actual & Modified Output formats required for payroll calculation for a particular duration
  • Integration with payroll allows accounts manager to automate the most complex payroll process and manage multiple salary configurations for various seniority levels seamlessly
  • Automatic Scheduling & email triggering of reports facilitates the authorized user to select the reports from reports module & configure email templates for each user group for whom the email (To, CC & Subject) has to be sent.

In real time, we could see every organization having different attendance policies in execution and even within the same organization we could see different departments, or even different users having different attendance policies, for all such scenarios Time and Attendance Management Software installation is must. So to digitize employee attendance tracking in your organization contact us.

Cost Cutting & Time Saving with Automated Attendance Monitoring Software

Cost cutting measures taken will boost companies bottom line in a short term. Improving a particular system, say workforce punctuality through an automated time and attendance monitoring software system in your business possibly increases your profitability. Both large & small companies know how wasted time can increase the expenses of payroll and proper time management is critical for success. One of the best ways for finding out where the time is going is to start using time tracking software. It helps you to collect real time attendance data & efficiently reduce companies on-going operational costs.

Cost-cutting, when done selectively & intelligently, can be a faster way to yield higher profits. Time & Attendance Monitoring software at place will enable user to know & track approved comp-off details in a user-friendly manner. Further approval authorities can check for employee’s overtime task details and sanction the extra hours spent as overtime or comp-off accordingly to the organization rules.

  • Improve Employee punctuality & employee attendance habits
  • Adjust shifts on-the-go, create precise and conflict-free schedules
  • Analyze where you have been spending frivolously, where you can make cuts
  • Enable real time tracking of resource movements & improves transparency

By using function key mode in the device user can save time, eliminate the time wasted on track cards. Mapping & tracking appropriate punch types for the assigned function including Shift in, Shift Lunch out, Lunch in, On Duty etc are done accurately with just one touch on the web dashboard. Authorized user can simply monitor the worked hours and calculate cumulative work hours based on the difference between the out & in punches from the employee, this not only cuts cost & reduces wasted time but also helps to get the most out of your workforce.

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Employee Time Management Improves Business Profits

Time is a business metric & tracking every single minute can have a great impact on your business. Organizations need to track employee timesheet to improve business productivity as it affects many critical aspects of the business. Powerful tools like time tracking software has enormous features to track employee Shift-in, Shift-out, Break hrs , Early exit, Late hrs , Cumulative work hrs etc seamlessly. With Time Management software installation, organizations can collect critical information at the right time.

The more manageable the process, HR manager can get organization wise employee present absent & leave data graphically. Evaluating the existing process & tightening up the areas that need immediate attention & enforcement of better policies will have a profound effect on the entire firm. This automation will alert authorized personnel to foresee problems and will allow you enforce policy, control & improve employee behavior.

Time Management Software Benefits

  • The convenient leave permission approval scheme
  • Facilitates human resources management for multiple branches in different locations
  • Multiple approval system keep data secure as well keep managers of your organization in the loop
  • payroll calculation & resource management can be done accurately and even with flexi hrs option
  • Helps to make the most out of their most valuable resource

Understanding the need for time tracking benefits the organization employees and help with quite a few different areas of a business. With Time and Attendance Tracking Software you can avail total visibility & keep track of your costs, profits etc and prevent loss of wages while improving work productivity. Our report puts more data at your fingertips and gives you real-time insight from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

Why every industry needs Time and Attendance Management Software System

Software installation has totally changed the way business operates; Every industry has transformed significantly due to automation of existing processes. Survival in the future will be built on the effective use of system and people. To keep your organization progressing and competitive in this information age you should monitor & keep up with this ever-evolving trend in the most efficient means possible. Automation is now reshaping the workplace, one such software system which every industry need is Time and Attendance Management Software.

Implementing Employee Time and Attendance Solution enables you to enforce attendance and leave policies regularly. Timecheck’s time tracking software application allows HR manager/authorized user to track organization employees’ time, leading to a more efficient workplace. The most obvious benefit to your business is fiscal health, as a result of innovative software integration with Payroll processing. Easy report generation and features to view attendance sheet of even remote employees in real time ensures optimal workplace productivity.

Apart from the above said features, it has many other custom specialized aspects which includes monitoring Flexi staffs shift in & out details, ample staffing coverage monitoring and cumulative work hours calculation as per the company norms. It facilitates Multiple Organization’s Attendance Management, Month & Year Leave Closures, Privilege Management, Overtime & Compoff Management effortlessly.

With the increase in number of employees and with the growing needs to Optimize labour investments the need for a user-friendly Time and Attendance management is critical.

Every industry that is keen to streamline their Time and Attendance Systems can get ahead of the curve by moving to a quality time and attendance system. Install & see how does our solution save your money each month?

Automate Time tracking & Optimize Payroll Cost

The digital age has changed the levels of transparency over the years, we could see drastic deployment of attendance tracking software across industries. Automated Time tracking system helps businesses to easily manage their workforce costs which is becoming increasingly complex, with flexi work hours, rostering shifts, remote employee workforce, as well as the complexities of on duty management. With this software in place you can get a holistic view, gain insight to put your data to work and protect your bottom line.

Time and Attendance solutions eliminates fraudulent practices such as buddy punching and ensures accuracy of data. As labor is the largest expenditure for every organization effectively utilizing them has become the challenge to drive business performance. By integrating this custom software application, you can protect your cost liability & meet your organization’s unique needs seamlessly.

Rich dashboards of the application will enable you to generate real-time insights into your employee work hours. It simplifies workforce management & helps businesses to maximize productivity at the same time eliminate time consuming manual processes. HR managers can now get details on Attendance Data (First In time & last out time), Overtime data (Week day – OT, Holiday- OT & Weekly Off- OT), Exception details (Late entry & Early exit) and finally it gives the “Sum of defined Work hours”, “Sum of actual worked hours“, “Sum of Overtime hours” for each employee to ensure Payroll Optimization along with right payment for each employee.

If you prefer to have a simple and smart Time and Attendance tracking software to centralize your workflows and view easily in real-time through an informative dash board then contact us.