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TimeCheck Launches new enhanced, User-Friendly Dashboard with Responsive & Grid view design with Graphical representation for Department Heads and Individual users.

Responsive Design

Attendance Data Board user can view the current status of Employees Present, Absent, Approved Leave, Approved On Duty, Punctuality details with graphical representation. Provision to view Attendance Summary data in both Grid & Responsive design option.

Exception Data Board current status of Employees Late Entry, Early Exit, Less Hours Worked, Approved Over Time, Discrepancy data’s & Non Processed Record details with graphical representation.

Approval Board – User can view the various status of Approvals like Pending / Forwarded / Approved for Leave, Permission & On Duty. Approval data dashboard is made user friendly for approval authority.

Attendance, Exception & Approval Dash Boards includes % data with graphical representation for better user friendliness and information tracking.

Export to PDF & Excel option for better user friendliness & information tracking.

Grid view Design

This Grid View design comes with all three Data boards (Attendance, Exception & Approval) with graphical representation.

Export to PDF & Excel option is provided for better user friendliness & information tracking

Department Head User – Dashboard

This facilitates the authorized user (Department head) to view & track their Attendance, Exception & Approval data for their respective department and respective mapped users. It helps managers in Quick decision making, besides to streamline their department employees Attendance, Exception & Approval data.

Provided the option for the Authorized users to export the data into PDF & Excel in single click of a button.

Individual User – Dashboard

TimeCheck facilitates the individual users to view & track their Attendance, Exception & Approval data easily. This helps individual user to know and correct their Exception data. The system facilitates the individual to view their pending requests (Leave, Permission & On duty) waiting for approval in much easier way.

User rights based enabling & disabling

TimeCheck provides the option for Authorized user to enable & disable the Individual dash boards based on the user group.

This will give option for Authorized users to restrict unnecessary data to individual users