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Mobile Compatible

Benefits of TimeCheck Application being Mobile Compatible

Now the product can be accessed from any device, that being a desktop, tablet, Laptop or mobile phone.

Works on all devices – you don’t need a separate site for iOS/Android/Java/Symbian

Easy to setup – no submitting to app stores, you just need a domain and hosting

Future Safety – An individual platform may disappear, but the web will not.

Immediacy – Mobile Websites are instantly accessible to users via a browser across a range of devices (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc).

Compatibility – Mobile Websites are Compatible Across Devices and its URLs are easily integrated within other mobile technologies such as SMS, QR Codes and near field communication (NFC)

Upgradability – Mobile Websites can be updated Instantly, it’s much more dynamic than an app in terms of pure flexibility to update content

Reduced Time and Cost – Mobile Websites are Less Expensive