Discrepancy Management
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Discrepancy Management

With TimeCheck’s Discrepancy Management, you can fill and close the discrepancies by raising & approving manual entry in case an Employee forgets to bring his swipe card, missed out to mark either his IN or OUT. TimeCheck aid the approving authority to view the manual entry request details of employees and allows him to either approve or reject a particular employee’s manual entry. Swipes handling feature in TimeCheck lets you to neglect the un-wanted punches or include the required punches to avoid discrepancies.

Improved Manual Entry – Import & Export

Functional changes included allow authorized user to import the manual time entry details using CSV import. Further organization wise (Company Branch Department) authorized user can export the manual entries in CSV format.

Non Processed Record

TimeCheck application now facilitates authorized user to know the non-processed records and root cause for it in detail. This module is designed under reports menu to track the lists of non-processed records. Authorised user can get details on the list of Employees name for whom shift, punch types, terminals not created in Employee master & Terminal master. This reduces the application downtime besides facilitates the responsible person to act up on immediately.

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