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Comp Off Management

Comp off Management

With our Comp off management feature, you can configure the minimum employee work hours for availing half day & full day Comp off in the leave master. It is also provided with a provision to configure the expiry / validity days to avail the comp off. This enables to manage comp off features in a easy and organization approved manner.

Overtime – Comp off Management

TimeCheck’s Overtime – Comp off management feature facilitates approval authority to decide whether the extra hours spent is Overtime or Comp off. You can configure your approval for Overtime or Comp off according to your organization rules and based on the selection the system calculates the Overtime or Comp off and the appropriate values are updated in the respective reports.

Comp off Management comes with Approval workflow (Forwarded & Approved). Using Comp off report the user can know & track approved Comp off details in a user-friendly manner.

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