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Overtime Management

TimeCheck’s Overtime Management System Feature helps you to define and configure overtime settings like minimum & maximum overtime hours, calculation factor for weekly off overtime and holiday overtime hours effortlessly. It enables the approval authority to approve / reject / forward the overtime hours of an employee, based on the company’s rules and regulations. Also with the help of our compromised Overtime Reports you can view the details of Worked Hours, OT hours, Weekly off OT hours, Holiday OT hours for each employee & each date between the selected periods.

TimeCheck facilitates the Authorized user would have the privilege to Modify the Overtime hours from Actual Overtime Hours irrespective of Weekday, Week Off and Holiday OT. Overtime report facilitates the user to know about the sum of Week day OT hours, Weekly Off OT hours & Holiday OT hours in Actual & Modified Output formats.

Overtime Report

TimeCheck’s overtime report facilitates the Authorized user to make use of the various filtering options and know the Overtime details of each employee’s Week day OT, Week Off OT & Holiday OT in Actual & Modified Output formats.

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