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Aerospace Organizations

Aerospace Organizations

Airports are the most difficult areas to securely control. With dozens of access points spread out over many acres, airports present many unique challenges for even the most robust access control systems. Adding to the shear size of the projects is the number of moving parts and people that interact with airports on a daily basis. Traditional / Manual access control systems, relying on software and servers, strain under the pressure of these ever-changing environments.

Airports and Aerospace organizations face unique business requirements such as manufacturing, automation and a partially mobile workforce. TimeCheck’s solutions offer the Airport flexibility and features you need to manage your workforce and automate your business processes.

TimeCheck can be used by any Aerospace organization where security is much focussed area. The application can be integrated with Automatic Door Lock Fingerprint System and get confirmed only the authorized persons are accessed into the Airport. Simultaneously the employee shift timings can also be recorded for tracking anytime.

Solution Offerings

  • Restricting unauthorized users by using the Biometric device integration
  • Employee movement tracking across all terminals
  • Handling Shift based Timings & Flexible Timings for employees & contract labours
  • Provides Leave & Permission workflow that handles Apply & Approval functionality of all authorized users
  • Effective Discrepancy Management for missed out / odd punches
  • Tracking of Employee & Contract labours Worked hours & Overtime hours
  • Tracking of direct and indirect labour costs and calculating efficiencies to maximize productivity
  • Standard system interfaces to leading ERP and payroll systems
  • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights and in-depth analysis
  • Multilingual support facilitates user to set the language like English / Arabic
  • Master Data Import facilitates the user to import the master data including Employee, Organizational Levels, Employee Details, Designation, etc., with just a single click using predefined template
  • Export Data option to export Overtime, Attendance, Leave data to payroll and other third party applications in various formats like XLS / CSV / XML, etc.

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